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What helped me work through the fear and start being me was tapping into a feeling of confidence, or sometimes just another positive feeling.
It’s not going to happen overnight, but once you become aware of the triggers in your life, you can exponentially increase the amount of bliss you experience.
When you’ve identified the events that trigger lowered confidence, you can now question the strategy you’ve adopted to feel comfortable in those situations.
The start is to identify what triggers low confidence for you, and then observe what happens inside of you. About Henri JunttilaHenri writes at Wake Up Cloud, where you can get his free course: 7 Steps to Building a Lifestyle Business Around Your Passion. We aren’t always put in the best of circumstances in life, but when you get through them, you will be much stronger for it. You spoke about the strategies that we can use to be monitor and combat the negative stimuli that may prohibit us from being confident. IMO, it’s time to let that relationship go and spend some good time working on yourself and building your confidence back up. Most of us have suffered, or experienced, bad breath, and although there have been folk remedies for hundreds if not thousands of years, there are few solutions that work.Yet, as you know, the problem can greatly affect confidence, and I am sorry to hear that this is causing you suffering. For some of us that meant becoming shy, while for others it meant losing their natural self confidence.

Because I’m sure there are times when you do feel confident, so it’s not like you lack confidence altogether.
I fizzled out due to negativity when things were going on so perfect and at the right moment I just lost confidence in myself and just could not do it. The Golden rule is – The more you socialize the more confident you will become in social situations. A person can be self confident and be homeless or in a monastary but what truly gives people self confidence is knowing that what ever system they believe in or follow if it be religious or non religious can provide for them away of of poverty or atleast with some basic material goods needed to sustain life.While peace of mind doesnt come from money alone it helps in this global system of capitalism we live in. I clean my teeth daily and have no dental issues, but the problem is affecting my confidence. This is your strategy for dealing with your low confidence, and it ends up being a trigger for feeling bad. One day you will look back at this time in your life and realize that your pain became one if your strengths. I just wish I had the confidence to do it rather than feel that it was too good to be true. The confidence can be hard to develop If you give yourself the right tools to cope with life’s ups and downs, you will be much better equipped to build confidence and a belief in themselves.
Alongside the worries that come with this, is the realisation that my inability to achieve anything solid (a good living, regular wage etc) or too maintain any sense of comfort and generally having failed, or perceived failure, in regards to all attempts at doing anything, is down more or less entirely to my own lack of confidence, Iv’e had moments of confidence but generally believe I am going to fail.

By my own people I mean my friends (I have a lot of friends but not close ones), my family (other than parents and siblings) and people in my religious community (the most) and people who know me from a long time and share a lot of life events with me.
Although nothing is certain, in the first few months of the relationship, I was CONFIDENT that my boyfriend had very loving feelings for me (more than I had for him) and he had good reason to have those feelings because I believe I have loving qualities. Most of these people that i feel low confident go to very good universities and have been blessed with education from the start. He continues to tell me that he loves me, we share nearly everyday together and he still talks about moving in together so I try to use that bit of evidence to boost my confidence however, I know deep down the confidence must come from within. However when it comes to strangers or class presentations i can assure you that i have always been the most confident and always give my opinion during class discussions without the fear of being judged. I really want to reach my full potential and be successful in life however i feel that the above mentioned reasons will not let me be that person.

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