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As a wife, mom, and home maker I have many tasks and responsibilities that I am accountable for, and it is amazing how easy it is for the house to quickly look like two little (adorable I might add) tornadoes have blown through.
So to keep the house clean looking and to help me keep a little bit of my sanity, there are a few things that I try and do everyday to really help keep the house in order.
I don’t know about you, but I feel that when my bed is made I can at least make it through the day.
As soon as I have taken my shower and dressed for the day, I do a very quick bathroom wipe down.
I quickly spray the shower down with a daily shower cleaner and use a squeegee to remove excess water. Laundry seems to multiply around here and if I let a day go by without doing at least one load of laundry, the clothing piles can quickly add up and seem unmanageable. As soon as breakfast, lunch, and dinner are over, I immediately clean the dishes and load the dishwasher. As I mentioned above, dishes either get washed or placed in the dishwasher as soon as possible. In the morning after I make the bed, I also put away my PJs, and take the dirty clothes to the hamper.
While I usually tend to wait towards the end of the day to pick up toys and books, I try to keep the couch pillows organized and neat so that way it at least gives the illusion of a neat living room. Once the kids are in bed and before I relax for the evening, I do a quick house sweep through.
I like to lay out the breakfast dishes on the kitchen counter the night before because I have some early risers!
I may not get around to doing any real deep cleaning, but I find that if I do these things it helps keep my home organized, tidy, and clutter free. I agree that mornings make or break the day, that’s why I try really hard to establish and keep a consistent morning routine. Reading is such a great way to end the day, and if you make it a priority you can really read a lot of great books too! It took me years to understand that it was way easier to tackle the clutter day by day, rather than let it pile up. I agree that just taking it day by day to help keep the home manageable really makes a difference until I get the time to have a day of deep cleaning or purging.
Yes it is such a peaceful way for me to end my day and I think it’s so important to do something for yourself each day, whether it be reading or something else you enjoy. If you want to promote RESPONSIBILITY and KINDNESS, this weekend you can organize an afternoon of cleaning and organizing for your family. Discuss available space: Think about your children and help them find a place that will be convenient for their toys and things. Classify: Let your children assign categories and put tags so that later they take responsibility for keeping everything in place.
Clean and organize: Clean the room, the furniture, and then finally the toys, and organize in a way that allows you to choose what stays, what is donated, and what will be thrown away. Take a picture: When you are finished putting everything in its place, use a camera or cell phone camera so that there is a record of a model to follow.
Remember that the habits you teach your children will stay with them for the rest of their lives. If I know I’m not going to have time to finish 4 loads of laundry, then I should only do 1 or 2. The biggest reason for not finishing projects is that we get tired and lose the motivation.
I have been using E-cloth for 2 years now and they are still looking brand new and working like a charm! If you have never used microfiber cleaning cloths before, the 8-piece home cleaning set is a great place to start!
Related Posts20 Brilliant Hacks for Organizing Your Home10 Easy Tips For an Organized, Clutter-Free HomePick up Your Stuff! As for your dryer comment, take your shirts out and hang them up in the bathroom and spray them with water. Not finishing causes a lot of extra work around here – no wonder it never seems like we make any progress on getting this place clean. I’m really pleased that these days there is a plethora of storing and organizing stuff. Shoes came in boxes and they went into the other drawers for bras of different sorts, tights, stockings panties. Being short of storage in an old cottage, I dispensed with the bathroom wall cabinet and replaced it with a nice mirror.

The one thing that seems to have made a difference for me is when I see something that needs to be done, I ask myself if it can be done or finished in 2 minutes or less. But then I have to sit back and realize that my idea of a perfectly clean house is an imagination of media to make us feel bad about the states of our houses. I cannot keep my house spotless without losing my sanity and my relationship with my kids and hubby. Well, as prideful and selfish as I get, God seems to knock me down a several notches and bring me back to reality. I also learned this trick from a professional organizer who believes clean bathroom counters are inexcusable for any home and the most important task. On the other hand, I have had days where last night’s dishes were still on the counter and sink, the counters were messy, etc.
Oh, I can so relate to this article, and I’ve been doing these things for a while, and they have helped. The only way I get our house clean is if I take one day a month, drop my kids off at Nana’s and SCRUB the entire house. Stop Wasting Money!Receive your FREE "No Food Waste" menu planner and receive tips delivered to your mailbox each week. Most days I run the dishwasher after dinner, but there are some days when the dishwasher needs to be run and unloaded before dinner. I also try to unload the dishwasher before bed because I hate to have to wake up and unload the dishwasher during the breakfast rush. I also do a brain dump, where I write down anything else that I want to do or need to remember not necessarily for the next day, but for the future. It just helps me prepare for the early morning if I have the main dishes out and ready to go.
Reading is one of my favorite things to do  and it’s just nice to spend some time at the end of the day to do something for myself.
Plus if I get nothing else done through the day, if I accomplish all 11 of these basic house keeping tasks, I feel like I did accomplish something.
Based off my original 31 Days to a Wardrobe You’ll Actually love, this new eBook is an expanded and updated resource of the entire series, plus so much more, in one easy download. I try to do a lot of the things on this list too, like wipe down the bathrooms and kitchen counters, and I feel so much more organized and clean because of it.
If I don’t get around to my full exercise routine, then I will at least take the kids for a walk around the block. On days where I am not able to shower before they wake up I either wait until their afternoon nap time (which I hate doing, and try to avoid), or what I do most often is I shut my bedroom door and bring in several toys for them to play with and keep the bathroom door open so I can see and hear them. I’m horrible at following through and doing these all these things – my hubby on the other hand is great at it!
Your children will feel proud to see the end result of the area they helped design, and they will be interested in conserving that place. Look for a place where they will be received with pleasure, and plan a family outing for the donation.
Making a special event out of this task will create good memories and will help your child feel responsible for what you have created. Otherwise, clothes get left in the dryer and because I REFUSE to iron wrinkled clothes,  they have to get rewashed or run through the dryer again. At the end of a hectic day, it’s so much easier to just ditch the dishes and flip on the tv.
Start with just one thing that is driving you nuts, whether that is the laundry, or your dirty car, or your bedroom.
I love the smell of a newborn baby but not the sleep deprivation, to spend time with my kids and husband, and girl’s night out with my friends and sisters. For example, the dishwasher gets unloaded- half-way, which leaves the person assigned to load and start it wondering if those dishes are clean or just rinsed.
Ever since I started my own home, decades ago, I have been into storage, especially in the bedroom. I then purchased a plain white double kitchen wall unit for the other wall and this held sheets, towels and all the shampoos etc.
I always finish what I start and feel like I get more accomplished when everything is finished. So with that, there are 4 things I try to do everyday to keep it orderly and make it clean without spending so much time to do so. I am so similar in many ways and with baby 4 on the way I am already worried about how the house will be after their arrival.

I wish I could have the will to do the kitchen after the kids go to bed but by then I am so desperate for me time. So true how our focus is in the wrong place when we expect perfection from ourselves and our family…. If you're new here, you will want to subscribe to receive Grace Notes, the weekly encouraging newsletter This post may contain affiliate links, you can read my disclosure policy here.
Even if I get nothing else done during the day, making the bed is a simple way to help keep the room tidy. This takes me no more than a few minutes to do this, but it really helps keep the bathroom clean until I get around to doing my weekly cleaning of the bathrooms. I also take the time to fold and put away the laundry too, because I hate having piles of clean clothes lying around the house. It is so nice to be able to relax at the end of the day knowing that everything is picked up and put away. I don’t lay out any food, just the dishes, toaster, blender, or whatever appliance I need to prepare breakfast.
Reading helps relax me too, and unless I’m reading a page turner, it helps to to fall asleep.
One thing that you mention that I don’t do but want to start is reading at the end of the day.
I have learned to take quick showers this way so that way they don’t have time to really get into anything they are not supposed to.
I have the worlds worst sweet tooth, and have about 51 places where I rotate hiding my stash from my kids. Otherwise, let them know you are in the middle of something and you will help in 5 minutes. There are 2 jobs that I rarely ever FINISH in my home and they are dusting and cleaning the shower. I try to get the kids to help too and they will probably have to be reminded thousands of times before they learn to not throw their clothes on the floor! Thanks so much for visiting!Some days I am super productive, and then other most days I’m not! Plus a made bed is much more inviting to get into at the end of the day, at least I think so anyway!
The lids were nearly as deep as the box so I would lay them all side by side in my dressing table drawer. I think my brain just ‘chooses’ to forget those household chores because I hate them so much!
It’s a very simple task and for me it naturally leads to a few other things getting picked up.
It is also a time that Alex sits at the kitchen counter with his laptop and crunches numbers and gives me the days’ budget and the report as to how we are doing in meeting our financial goals and what things we need to change or look at closer.
It only makes sense to sit down with a book and enjoy your clean home at the end of the day. Sometimes it feels like there is never enough time in the day to keep up with all the clutter and cleaning that needs to be done.
My house is noisy enough with all my kids fighting for my attention, I don’t need the clutter screaming at me too!
Motherhood is teaching me my greatest lessons in life and the journey gets a little brighter the higher I climb. For the past two days since I saw your pin I have attempted to finish everything I have started.
But even if it doesn’t, climbing into a made bed after a long, hard day is a reward and a reminder that everything is fine.
I had a friend once tell me, if your house is always clean , you’re not spending enough time with your kids. For my first day trying out this new cleaning project and your finished concept, it’s great!
I consider myself a tidy person but sometimes things get away from me and then I feel like it really doesn’t matter.

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