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Because I’m a writer, I put a lot of value into the idea that keeping a personal journal is a useful activity. I was thinking that journaling is a really effective way of keeping track of my writing life, so why not apply the concept of journaling to other areas of life.
I thought more about it, and I was able to come up with a few ideas as to how a personal finance journal might work.
You should also create an idea section in which you can write down any money-related ideas you have throughout the day: how to save money, a bill you need to pay, a great sale you saw online, and so on.
Like any good journal, your journal should have a section in which you can reflect upon your financial actions. Keeping a private journal used to mean writing in a notebook with a lock on it, or that you kept in a locked box.
Penzu started off as a simple, password-protected online journal, but the service is much more than that now. Day One is a simple, elegant journaling app for OS X and iOS that encourages you to write every day. These are just the tip of the iceberg: there are plenty of services that offer free journaling apps, but the kicker is whether they're available for your preferred platform or your mobile device. If fancy journaling apps and blogging platforms turn you off, or you just want something a little easier to get your arms around, there's an easier option: Just write in your favorite text editor or word processor and keep the your journal entries on Dropbox.
Dropbox is password protected, and there are clients for every OS and every mobile platform available, so you never have to be without your journal.
Another benefit this method offers you is that you can use some great writing tools to keep your journal updated and to boost your creativity. Hopefully these methods give you a way to start your journal and start reaping the benefits of regular writing. It's a good idea to keep a journal, because when years have passed, you will find it interesting to read what you have gone through, and if you have been through something unusual or difficult, you might even choose to publish parts of the book. If you want to make it even more interesting, once you read your journal many years from now, write your entries humorously.

If writing a journal gets boring, you can write short stories or other topics that interest you. Write down in your journal if you opened a savings account to save up for your dream vacation.
While some people will carry their journal around with them, many of us will leave it at home. If you want to keep a journal, buy a nice looking journal or you can even use a spiral notebook.
He melds the written and spoken word with photography and music in ways that inform, encourage, and inspire the whole person. At the end of the day, that is the true beauty of a diary, of your own personal and emotional growth as you strive to better yourself every day. This section should be a free space in which you can scrawl anything that comes to mind, so always shave the journal with you. In addition to a password-protected journal that only you can read, you can also share specific posts with individuals if you want them to see them, or you can leave everything private and locked down.
It's specifically designed to help you keep a journal, and it comes packed with tools that make it easy to update your journal whenever the mood strikes.
Then you can control your own content, make it as public or as private as you choose, and access your journal anywhere.
If you keep your journal in a file format you can edit on any device, like a simple text file or rich text document, you can open it and update it on virtually anything, whenever the mood strikes.
On the first page, you should write something, if you lose or forget the diary somewhere, to notify those who find it that it is yours, to please return it to you, and to ask them kindly to not go snooping in your private journal. The next written entry into your journal will be recording your wins from the previous day. I really hope that you take action and start the exciting ritual of writing in a journal every day.
Write a list of all your short, medium and long-term goals at the back of your journal.

In fact, after doing much research about trading, I learned that it is critical to keep a trading journal.
I think that our finances are definitely important enough to devote the time and effort to writing about them in a journal.
I would probably keep it in the very front of your journal, so you must always turn past it in order to get to the other parts, that way you’ll always see your goals. Still, keeping a work diary or a personal journal isn't exactly something you'd want anyone to stumble on. As long as you keep it locked down, you get all the features of a free blogging platform or an expensive journaling tool, just all under your control. For ultimate privacy, go a step further and encrypt your journal with TrueCrypt so you really are the only person with access to it. It's flexibility also extends to daily journaling, and while it's not designed specifically to be a diary, it does give you a great writing environment that's designed to help you relax, get your thoughts out, and be creative. Keeping a diary or journal is a great way to express your emotions on paper and treasure experiences. You can also use a journal to take down useful notations about some of your interest, like what animals you have seen, where, what time, and in what condition.
Your goals section should serve as a space to remind you of your short-term and long-term financial goals, thus keeping you financially accountable. You specifically said you wanted an online journal, so here are some ways you can get the flexibility to write and update when and where you want to without worrying that prying eyes will read it.

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