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For the past several years I have hosted a Christian Meditation Retreat in the beautiful Shasta mountains where we, as a group, experienced what it means to soak in God’s spirit or his presence. Recently I have began again to incorporate the practice of soaking in God’s spirit into my Christian meditation practice and it is rewarding and meaningful.  It, along with other forms of Biblical meditation, provides me with a variety of tools that help me to quiet my mind, tame my emotions, awaken my spirit, and subdue my fleshy nature.
Although there are many Christian meditation techniques it is important that you find the right one for you. The practice of the Jesus Prayer is not the same as a far Eastern yoga, Hindu or Sufi practice. A Gerondas from the Holy Mountain Athos enumerated the following points about the difference of the Jesus prayer from Yoga.
The difference from “New Age” practices or Eastern yoga meditation has been described by using the analogy of a framed masterpiece.
So, that’s all well and fine, but I started by positing that I might know the secret to meditating like Jesus did.
After many years of engaging in this sort of meditation, I am inclined to think that this may well have been how Jesus meditated on God, scripture and theology. And finally, if you do adopt this method of meditation, know that it’s not a quick fix.
Anyhow, if I ever decide to become a charletan guru and sell my super secret, revolutionary method for meditating like our Lord and Savior, y’all will be the first to know. Beginning its journey in a secret Himalayan cave, this highest of techniques for soul liberation is spreading to all lands, helping God?seekers everywhere make the fastest possible spiritual progress toward the experience of direct personal communion with God. Instruction in the actual techniques of Kriya Yoga is given to students of the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons who fulfill the requirements of certain preliminary spiritual disciplines. Below is a list of Christian meditation techniques to help you get started with meditating on the Lord.

No evil thing can stand in God’s presence.  I created five guided- meditation titled, Abiding with Christ and Mantra Meditation and a series of Quiet Time Meditations which guide believers through these steps.
And meditating on God’s word in the form of contemplative prayer is a way to reflect upon the scripture and ponder its relevancy in our personal life. We cannot fall into the sin of pride through the unceasing prayer of Jesus because in the prayer we continually seek mercy for our weaknesses. The struggle in the practice of the Jesus Prayer is connected with the cleansing of our body and soul from the negative effect of passions.
On occasion, I puzzle something out quickly, But there are subjects I’ve been meditating on, off and on, for years. By the time I first encountered lectio divina I had been meditating semi-regularly for well over a decade.
It takes advantage of the same focus and quiet that a meditative state offers, but is far less passive observation and involves a lot of questioning. John 15) One form of meditating on the Lord is to abide with him; to sit at his feet and to wait in his presence, just like the child who sits in his mother or father’s lap to be comforted.
Most guided meditation CDs begin with a relaxation exercises followed by a scriptural narrative.
Joining a Christian meditation group can offer guidance, experience, and a place to share the art of meditation collectively.    All four forms of meditation can change us and make our life more fulfilling, Christ-centered, and balanced.
I could introduce a bit of scripture or an idea into my meditation time and rather than having a brain that wandered off or engaged in free-association from the starting point, I could concentrate fully on what I was meditating on.
But when I read that, it occurred to me that, if this were true, then this would be how Jesus had meditated. Yes, there are benefits to meditating in this fashion, like reducing stress, increasing mindfulness, etc.

You see, many years ago, I read an article, written by a Jewish person, which claimed that the ancient Hebrew style of meditation was to take two ideas which were seemingly in conflict with each other and meditate on them.
The talking throughout the meditation helps you to stay present and focused and diminishes wandering thoughts. My sister once attended a week long, silent meditation retreat in Thailand and was able to do it in 5 days. Often I could see connections or gain a deeper understanding while engaging in this sort of meditation. Nearly always, what I’m sharing which bears such a strong resemblance to what someone else says comes out of this habit of meditating. I really feel like getting to the point where your brain is done chattering and can just sit quietly for at least brief periods is the baseline that all the other meditation techniques build on. So what I share is my own idiosyncratic understanding which may or may not meet the standards of Meditation, Inc. The fact that I’m often reaching conclusions that others have seems to be a good indicator that meditating like Jesus (presumably) did works. One of the benefits of doing this while meditating is that it can be picked up and dropped more easily than when you’re just sitting around thinking and your mind tends to wander without you even realizing it. Lectio divinia probably is a good starting point for learning to use this meditative state productively. In the practice of the Jesus Prayer with an attitude of repentance and humility we seek an encounter with the living Christian God, Jesus.

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