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These 7 job interview techniques will confidently lead you through a one-on-one interview, or first level informational interview.
If you've already had a telephone interview, you have some idea of the phone interview questions they prefer to ask.
If you were fortunate enough to be phone interviewed by the hiring manager, you now have a second chance to provide a good answer for an interview question you fumbled. If this will be your first interviewing experience with this company, you will likely first meet with the HR manager or an HR specialist. One-on-One Job Interview Technique 2: Go out to LinkedIn and research all the people who will interview you. Strategy: The more information you can find out about these people, the more confident and poised you will be with them. If you are working through an executive recruiter, they should be able to brief you about your interviewers.
One-on-One Job Interview Technique 3: Don't be discouraged or annoyed if each interviewer asks you some of the same job interview questions. Strategy: If you are interviewing separately with 4 or 5 people, sometimes you will be asked 2 or 3 of the same questions by everyone.
One-on-One Job Interview Technique 4: Allow for the possibility of your interview running overtime, or you being asked to lunch or dinner.

Strategy 2: If your interview goes exceptionally well, you could be asked out to lunch, or invited to a dinner interview. You could also be asked to interview with a VP or president who wasn't on the interview schedule.
One-on-One Job Interview Technique 5: Guard against prejudging your job opportunity if someone on the interview team is rude, inconsiderate, or a tough interviewer. Strategy: If 4 or 5 people are on your interview schedule, the odds are that one of them could be a problem child.
One-on-One Job Interview Technique 6: Stay focused, positive, and on track if one of your interviewers is unprepared or too laid back during your interview. Obviously, this person probably will be unprepared for your interview, and may even act annoyed that their busy day has been interrupted. Your interview could wander all over the place, and you might even end up talking about who is going to make the baseball playoffs this year. Your very next interview could be with someone who will drill you with a laundry list of situational interview questions. One-on-One Job Interview Technique 7: Try and have at least 1-2 questions to ask each or your interviewers. If early in the process all your questions have been answered, just make a comment to each interviewer that all of your questions were answered in your prior interview sessions.

Hopefully, this list of interview techniques will keep your butterflies flying in formation. A prior phone interview can also give you valuable insights in preparing for a job interview.
You may discover that one of your interviewers graduated from the same college as you, or is a rabid Cubs fan like you. Pass judgment on this opportunity when your interview is complete and all the facts are in.
But when you interview with 4-5 people, all of your questions could be answered in the first 1-2 interviews.
Your goal with this question is to get one of your interviewers to share early feedback with you.

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