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The plans are awesome.I am a fan of surprise,i think the romantic candle lit dinner with will prove best my deep feelings for her. The trick to budget dating is to get your partner tipsy enough not to notice the imperfections in your surroundings. The stretch of 1st Avenue between 5th and 6th streets is arguably the birthday capital of Manhattan and is a festive spot to bring a date. Squash those awkward, "getting to know you" jitters by starting your date at Dallas BBQ, a New York City restaurant chain known for its ginormous frozen drinks (think Spring Break in Cancun). If $15 is too steep for you, it is possible to go on a sophisticated date in Manhattan and spend nothing.

Midtown is not known for its inexpensive restaurants, but there are some great deals in the area-- particularly if you venture to 9th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen.
True, portions are conservative and the food is mediocre, but you won't look like a cheapskate when you bring your date here.
If Yum Yum Bangkok is full on your date night, no worries; there are at least two sister restaurants-- both named Yum Yum-- located within a 1 block radius that share the same low prices. While the NY Destinations columnist does not condone binge drinking, stopping by the Continental for 5 shots is the cheapest way to kick start a romantic evening. The west side of the block is crowded with inexpensive Indian restaurants adorned with blinking Christmas lights.

Five shots for ten bucks will uplift the shivering masses and turn a cheap date into morning after memories.
If you live near the ocean or a large lake, taking a walk on the beach or the shoreline at sunset or in the moonlight can be very romantic and peaceful. They have Adventurous Dates, Unusual Dates, Indoor Dates, Cultural Dates, Sporting Dates, Theme Dates, Group Date Ideas and so much more.

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