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The inspiration that many individuals have been meditation is a welcoming neighborhood devoted to bringing the Buddha's got here up with massage.


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Music has been used as meditation music since the very dawn of civilization because it balances the human organism through its rhythmic pattern of tones, which are generated in a harmonic relationship with each other.
To survive in an unfriendly modern soundscape, we must understand the various tones of the natural environment that change according to the time of the day.
Music for morning and evening meditation should be composed with the consciousness of the harmonics of the time and the hour of the day. Music for morning meditation should produce a very tender, calming, and refreshing meditative mood that helps us step out of sleep and into a harmonious waking state. Music for evening meditation should inspire feelings of joy, confidence, satisfaction, inspiration and the calmness of moonlight.

The need to maintain a proper ecological balance is more important than ever, and meditative and friendly harmonies in the right rhythm are the only answer to this chaotic and neurotic environment.
The instruments used should be generating tones, which are in perfect harmonic scale of the time of the day and induce calmness and create a meditative mood. If heard at dawn and during the early morning for at least forty days in a row, it serves as a healing agent and increases personal magnetism.
Listening to music which is synchronised to the sympathetic overtones of the season, time and hour of the day makes us flow in harmony with our natural environment, saves energy, regulates moods and provides inspiration to live and joy to enjoy. The composition should produce a meditative mood and bring about improved mental and physical health.

Ragas are created by inspired musicians, who were vigilant and heard the sounds in nature at seasonal changes and during the cycle of the day.

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