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Luckily for us, there is a large selection of self-help literature written by truly remarkable authors. Having sold over 3 million copies worldwide, you can safely assume that Deepak Chopra, an Indian medical doctor, speaker and writer, pretty much has the topic of self-help nailed. Gretchen Rubin’s #1 New York Times Best Seller about happiness may not be pitched as a self-help book, but anyone who follows the guidance in this little gem is bound to feel somewhat improved. Another self-improvement offering that reached #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list, Timothy Ferris shows you how to eliminate non-essential work and outsource the remaining in this gripping read.
Rhonda byrne and her books, the secret and its part II, and law of attraction is a piece of shit… Did it with so much belief so many times. One of the most popular and common subjects of self improvement books involves success, productivity, and reaching your goals.

These self improvement books are our personal favorites when it comes to keeping your body fit and clean. Pitched as a book to be cherished for a lifetime, Chopra offers proven ideas on how to achieve spiritual awakening and practical activities that will help you get there faster. I constantly recommend this book to those who are trying to figure out any of life’s problems. Here are our personal favorite self improvement books in whichever area of your life you want to improve! These self improvement books can help you figure out ways to relieve your stress, increase your happiness, and find peace with yourself so that you can live your life to the fullest.
These self improvement books are our personal favorites, and they’re bound to help you find success and happiness while improving your health and relationships.

Stopping by your local bookstore or Amazon for a self-help title can be a bit intimidating! Although primarily based on Buddhist ideas, this book offers even the most skeptical of individuals an enchanting read with exciting prospects for success in areas including potential, karma and giving.
It seems that in time of hardships you just need to read his books and you will find yourself encouragement. Considered a spiritual refuge, this book stands out as one of the most honest and revealing approaches to human fulfillment.

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