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I spent the following years learning from the valuable experience of field experts, devouring books and scientific researches while applying the newly acquired knowledge on my naturally fragile body.
I highly encourage you to avoid eating crap, but I would like to put the next chapter’s emphasis on calories (non)counting and protein intake. If you’re going to build muscle naturally, you absolutely MUST be in a positive caloric intake balance.
Many people also calculate their Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and adjust calories accordingly. But gaining weight for skinny guys is still possible, and not even too hard once you understand the concepts.
You might as well not be consuming enough protein to maintain your muscular recovery, so track calories and protein intake for one week if you’re plateauing and stalling in the program. If you still can’t seem to gain weight, consider using homemade meal replacement shakes as additional meals to your diet in the form of liquid.
For example, you might be increasing one kilogram of fat and a only little bit of muscle, and still find yourself rejoicing when you see the scale goes up, and vice versa.
Eat 3 or 4 meals a day and make sure each of them consists of a good piece of protein (meats, eggs, dairy if your digestion system can handle it), loads of fresh vegetables of all colours (spinach and other green leafs are packed with goods), a good fat like avocados or nuts, and some safe starches like sweet potato or even white rice (the safest grain). There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning than the correctly performed full squat.
If you’re not chemically enhanced, an intense full body workout routine based on compound exercises is really your best bet for strength and muscle growth, especially as a beginner.
This type of programs usually provides you with 2 or 3 days per week of very short and highly intense workouts, incorporating only a few sets of two or three super-heavy exercises.
The heavier the movement, the more anabolic the response and the the bigger your body gets as a whole. Naturally, with compound exercises you’re able to load a lot more weight, generating a far juicier anabolic hormonal response and systematical growth. After some time with a novice program that increases workload (intensity or volume) each workout, your central nervous system will not be able to recover in the window between workouts, and some kind of periodization will have to be applied. I used Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength novice program when I just begun and was very happy with the gains.
Warlord Rippetoe recommends something like that (2-3mins at first, moving up to 5 and 7 minutes as weight gets heavier) but do not get too emotional about it. More information on stalling, resetting and progressing on the end of Starting Strength Wiki FAQ. After stalling for a while and reaching your novice potential (usually after a few months), I suggest moving to the next intermediate full body workout program.
The idea behind this concept is that recovery capabilities limitations are much faster to reach than potential strength capabilities, and at one point you need to periodize your program intelligently so that you can continue advancing. Make sure your bench can also handle squats and military presses if you do not have a power rack. An interesting addition to your home gym would be a homemade T-Handle Russian-style kettlebell, very useful for deadlifts and rows. Every body is slightly different, and when you’re working with free weight, your body naturally controls the movement anatomically. I can see machines being beneficial for those not having a spotter and wishing to perform the squats and the bench press. To feel strong, to walk amongst humans with a tremendous feeling of confidence and superiority is not at all wrong.
Hi, my name is Samyani and I want to tell you that your article of how you made the change in yourself is exciting, and touching.
Thanks, fighting thin (!) knowledge and faulty conventional wisdom is the primary mission of this site.
Thanks Andy, yeah as time goes by its hard even for myself to believe I once looked like that.
A mesomorph is someone like Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone, and an endomorph is someone like Jack Black or Danny DeVito. Nutrition is the most crucial aspect of a healthy life in general and the lifting world in particular.

Now, there is a lot more to the equation – hormonal changes, nutrient absorption, thermogenesis (thermic effects of food) and more.
Being an ectomorph, your body has a super-fast cheetah-like metabolism, a quickly responding caloric adaptation mechanism and an increased heat production from food intake (Thermogenesis of food).
I have no idea but I believe I started with around 3k a day (that’s a lot for a fifty something kg person) and increased over time to a lot more. Make sure your calories consumption is in the few-thousands and that you’re protein intake is somewhere around the above numbers.
So, do check the weight once in a while (I check once every week, upon wake up, before breakfast, after vising the toilet), but do not get too emotional about it. It seems like many amateur, semi-professional bodybuilders and lifters tend to neglect whole plant foods consumption. I literally plateaued on a HUGE diet and only started gaining muscle again, ironically, once I started cutting my calories by half once a week. If you can, make sure your meat and other animal products are organic, cage-free, hormones-free, and grass fed.
This routine will increase testosterone levels and other anabolic hormones, encouraging massive growth. By doing only a few compound heavy exercises every few days, you incorporate all of your muscles in highly complex and growth-eliciting movements, resulting in a huge spree of anabolic (muscle building) hormones and systematical growth. Chin ups, which incorporates both the shoulder and elbow joints, would trigger a better growth than separately doing biceps curls and another isolated upper back exercise.
For most of the people (who train correctly), this stage usually comes after a few months and comes to an end after around another two years of proper workouts. There are a few different types of periodization, and that’s a whole different post to write. If you completed that easily with a good form – add another 10lbs and go for another set of 5.
After your general warmup and warmup sets, add 10lbs to the weight already established on the first workout. If you you get all sets with proper technique but with a much slower speed, proceed cautiously – you might want to add less weight than planned (10-15lbs on deadlift instead of 20lbs, for example).
I made the vast majority of my strength and size gains with it and even Mark Rippetoe himself recommends this one as a follow up to his novice programs. But the difference now is that your first day acts as a “heavy day” while the middle day is an active-recovery “light day” that keeps your motor pathways ‘in shape’ but still allows your body to recover, while the last day of the week is a ‘medium’ day where you increase the weight just a little to set up a new record to begin the next week with, in the next “heavy” day. Your ability to recover is not enough to support major strength gains from one workout to the next.
You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you’re a god or a total bastard.
Stop wasting your god damn money and time – and start leading yourself based on legit science.
Large amounts of scientific readings were consumed and a few forums got themselves a new curious member, starving to expand his knowledge to a new dimension. Ectomorphs have the metabolism rate of a jet plane on ephedrine, and it takes FAR more food intake and commitment for an ectomorph to achieve the muscular frame of other body types. The only thing that’s required from you is a huge amount of motivation and self commitment.
When I was competitive I ate pretty much whatever I wanted and just tried to get enough protein. It basically just means that you’ll have to consume a lot more food than regular people in order to continue improving both strength and size.
Others swear by calculating it per lean body-weight only and some people go as far as separating animal protein from plant based protein. Simply eat a ton, and consume a portion of protein-rich food every meal to make sure that you’re consuming enough. You’ll do that by cutting the amount of calories and protein approximately by half or even more once per week. I believe that I would have achieved the same gains much faster if I applied that principle from day one.

It certainly is possible, and many people do that because its easier, but rest assured that it takes its toll on the body. The human body is a highly complex system that works as a whole mechanism, and the every routine should be based on heavy and basic core movements. Compound exercises are movements that incorporate more than one joint per exercise – bench press, deadlift and squat being the classic examples. The heavier the movement, the stronger its anabolic response and the bigger you get, provided enough food. Care must be taken when determining starting weights and you better off starting with too-low than too-high numbers.
Stop your workout once you find out the starting weight since you’ve already completed one set as the program outlines. If that’s a recovery issue and the bar just felt too heavy, then add just a small increment or keep the weight the same the next workout. If you have done everything properly and still stall – congratulations, you are on your way to the intermediate stage. In Practical Programming you will learn the science and anatomy of weight training , and you’ll be granted the knowledge required to build an effective workout program for anyone, in any stage.
You won’t need that info even if you try to teach your pals how to gain muscle mass for skinny guys. I want to work out, not chat with people or explain to them how to gain weight for skinny men and how silly their workout regime is. Some people find the social part of gyms motivational for them and I wouldn’t argue with that, so set your priorities.
This minimal amount of home gym equipment gives you everything you need for a massive gain of strength and muscle. It took me a while to figure out the importance of diet, progressive weight loading, etc etc. Though I do not discuss things such as how to buy Phentermine, I do go into great detail about which products you should use and which you should not use. Too many reps of too many sets of too many unnecessary exercises, without ever mentioning the true importance of the basic, heavy, multiple-joints exercises (Squat and Deadlift, for instance) and proper nutrition. Paradoxically, this will speed up your results by ensuring that your body is not adjusted to your caloric and protein intake. However, this is unavoidable if you’re into building muscles, so you do your priorities. That webpage might be a little over-saturated with information so if you find yourself confused by the noise and paralyzed by the information overload, simply skip everything besides the next ones. I believe I used to rest at around 3 minutes between sets when I just started and increased to around 6 minutes as the weight got very big relative to my size. It might also be the result of adding too much weight to the bar or messing up with the program and adding other exercises (you’ve been warned), or simply because you are more and more close to your genetic potential and need to move to an intermediate program with a weekly periodization. Weight lifting just provides stimuli for the huge food intake to flow into muscles instead of just fat.
You could also add a pull-ups bar if you’d like, two old tires which you can get free from your local garage and can use for your deadlifts to land on. As you can see, amazing things can happen if you have the will, commitment and persistence to keep working hard. You will also see slightly better results with free weight, because it involves more muscles and trigger a greater anabolic response. When you reach your goal you’ll be in rare company, in the company of winners who persisted and fought and as a result reaped the tremendous mental and social byproducts of a ripped physique . You have a tiny special clause in your military profile, disqualifying you from any elite unit due to your extremely low weight for your height”.
Young women make progress on the squat and the deadlift at about the same rate, adjusted for bodyweight, but much slower on the press, the bench press, cleans, and assistance exercises.

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