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I wanted to feel calmer, happier, less stressed, less anxious, more at peace, more in flow, more connected, less worried, less negative, more confident and to generally fall in love with life. Then, one day, while I was formally training to become a Meditation Teacher, I had one of those life-changing light bulb moments.
And the 28 Day Meditation Challenge has helped so many people change their lives, that I know it will help you get great results, no matter how busy or stressed you are! It’s a pattern I have seen with my meditation students, over the past years, if they have done lots of meditation before coming to my workshops.
It was only once I started to formally train to become a meditation teacher that I realised I had never meditated before.
The second insider-secret I realised that day was that no one had suggested ways to actually create the meditation habit. And, as a busy mum of 3 youngs boys, along with writing books, leading workshops, running a small farm and healing centre and occasionally even getting time to have a cup of tea, I know how challenging it can be to find the time and energy to start a new habit. I’m not actually attached to whether or not you want to learn to meditate with me or with someone else. My biggest vision over the next 28 days is to demystify ancient meditation techniques, whilst combining them with an inspired blend of modern psychology, to help you get the results you’re looking for. Of course, it guides, step by step, through the essentials of how to meditate, just as you would expect from a course created by a formally-trained, experienced meditation teacher.

In this inspirational, down-to-earth programme, the 28 Day Meditation Challenge takes you on a powerful journey to free yourself from old excuses, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, to enjoy the many scientifically-proven benefits of meditation, no matter how busy your life is.
During the 28 days, you will be guided through four styles of meditation, which progressively help you to lay the foundations for your meditation practice. The daily messages pre-empt and help you handle the most common pitfalls & mistakes that would usually stop people from creating a meditation habit.
They can also inspire you with practical techniques to deal with stress, worry and emotions in other areas of your life, even when you’re not meditating.
Week Three brings you practical mindfulness meditation techniques that can transform your experience of life. The daily messages include giving you a magic wand to deal with worrying, spilling the beans on how wiggling your butt can help you meditate (really!) and sharing strategies for what to do if meditation stirs that old emotional pot.
Week Four moves into gentle mantra meditation, to help you make subtle, yet profound, changes in your life. Past students on the 28 Day Meditation Challenge have discovered the truth of this – and the fact that just 10 minutes a day can change your life.
The 28 Day Meditation Challenge has helped them to finally achieve the results they were looking for. The 28 Day Meditation Challenge has taken over a thousand hours to create and is based on many years of teaching (and still studying!) life-changing techniques.

It is my honour to get to walk alongside you, wherever it is you want this journey to take you, if that’s what you choose. If you are unsure as to whether meditating is appropriate for you, please consult your medical professional. It wasn’t helping me to feel less stressed or calmer, outside of the meditation time. And it will lay firm foundations for any further meditation practice you choose to follow in the future.
I contemplated my navel from every posible perspective, but still I didn’t have a daily meditation habit.
I had been being taught deep relaxation and guided visualisation, but they’re very different beasts from actually meditating.

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