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For each activity or item of interest to you, make a list of possible improvements that could be made in the form of an invention. Consider all aspects of your invention including all the required parts, and important details about how it works or what it will do.
Get a professional patent search done to verify that there are truly no other inventions on the market similar to yours. In the US, patents are granted on a “first to file” basis, rather than a “first to invent” basis. List all the things you will need to create it, all the possible parts and materials for your invention. If your invention is classified under the “technology” category, a patent attorney can be especially helpful in making sure similar technological advances are not already underway by other companies or businesses. This step is optional, but can be very helpful in saving you from heartache and frustration should someone get a patent on the same invention as you slightly before you do. You aren’t required to make your prototype out of the same materials as your invention would be mass-produced in, unless it is absolutely imperative to the creation of your product. Although it is optional, you could opt to hire a graphic designer to put together a spectacular presentation for your invention.
Emphasize why and how your invention will not only help people, but make the manufacturer lots of money. I want a fun virtual office, and I can build one in Second Life, but I don’t need or want to use the software or bandwidth that would require.
Green houses are very expensive to build, and the more durable of a green house you build the more expensive it is. If the companies that make modular quanset huts or bow roof sheds could make a mold of one of their buildings and then use injection molding to fill that mold with glass, plexi-glass or some other clear, durable material they could cheaply and easily mass produce super-durable, low cost modular greenhouses.
Pls am a web programmer and a chemical engineer, I want to invent something that the world needs but I don’t know what to do, pls I need your help and advice. Editor’s note: James Altucher is an investor, programmer, author, and several-times entrepreneur. Once you’ve spent some time considering all possible options, choose your best idea for an invention.
When you feel confident in your invention and have made any useful alterations, research it to make sure your idea is truly unique.
This means that as soon as you are able, file a patent on your invention so that nobody else can copy you.

Although you don’t have to be the first person to invent your product to get a patent, you will still need to keep a record of your invention including the complete range of specs and uses. Write down how you came up with the idea, what inspired you, how long it took, and why you want to make it. You don’t need to have anything fancy created, but having an accurate drawing of your invention may be required to file for your patent. A provisional patent application, also called a PPA, shows your invention as being in the process of getting a patent.
Once you have organized all your information on your invention, you can file for a regular patent application, or RPA.
With your patent in the works, it is a good time to create a working model of your invention. Find local manufacturers that create products similar to yours and appeal to them to produce your invention for you. You will probably have to go present your invention to them and explain what you want from their company. They are business people like you, and want to know what they get on their end of the deal if they partner with you. You’ve gotten everything down; your patent, your prototype, a manufacturer, and finally your invention has been mass-produced. You can show your presentation to explain why doing so is a great option for their business in addition to helping a local entrepreneur. Invest the help of a local graphic designer to create pictures and videos that have people begging to buy your product!
Getting the people you’re closest with onboard with your idea will help to get word of your invention out and about into new communities and populations. Then that doctor only sees those 100 people, and those 100 people can see that doctor anytime they want without worrying about any of the financial paperwork, deductibles, copay or any other bullshit we normally have to deal with when going through a health insurance company. Tons of specialized text editing software has been invented to help authors organize novels.
I want a bag that slings over my shoulder like a quiver that all the components of the cot can be stored in. If another product like yours has already been patented, then you won’t be able to mass-produce your invention or receive your own patent. Before committing to these fees, make sure you’ve recorded the commercial value and potential income based on sales of your invention.

Don’t worry about making it with expensive materials or going through an extensive process, just make a version of your invention yourself.
Don’t memorize notecards, but have an idea (with the aid of notes if necessary) of everything you want to say and answers to common questions that may be asked. You may have to send them an introductory letter to begin with, explaining who you are and what you want from them.
Although it will probably be best to start in small batches (your manufacturing company will talk to you about this), you can start creating your invention in the hundreds or thousands. I don’t want a cot that has a million moving parts that allow you to fold it up like a camping chair. In order to invent something from start to finish, you will need to stay within your realm of knowledge. Draw a few sketches of what you imagine your invention will look like, and then consider some important questions.
If Facebook provided E-mail and cloud storage then I’d never go to any other site unless I needed to buy something. All I need and want is one small  battery that connects between my computer and the wall socket. In fact, I want a portable cot that’s so comfortable it can be used as a guest bed in my house. Or why the Red Cross isn’t building sustainable flotillas for refugees where they can live safely and sustainable while the warlords in their home country figure out what to do after all their farmers leave for greener pastures at sea. To that end, someone should invent something like a super strong, two-ply, Egyptian cotton (or spandex) hammock that’s filled with memory foam and can be suspended from a cot frame or rolled up into a tube for storage. I want the bands wide enough to just wrap around my ears, and I want speakers sewn into the fabric where the band covers my ear. I want to listen to relaxing music in those speakers while my eyes are cooled under the soft, sandy eye pillow wrapped around my head like a plush halo.

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