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If you think that you can still out-sleep most of the alarm clocks above, you’d probably have to crank the sound up a notch or two. One of the conversation-inducing alarm clocks on the list, if a friend were to find this baby on your desk, you’d have some explaining to do. Once this alarm clock rings, you have to lift the strap and twirl the strap for 90 seconds, managing two rotations for each second. If you have trouble making it out of your bedroom without coffee, consider putting your coffeemaker in your room and setting the timer so that a cup of Joe will be waiting for you when you wake up. No matter what has been keeping you up late at night, we have for you 20 creative alarm clocks that will help jolt you out of dreamland in very unorthodox ways. Work out while you try to wake up by swinging this heavy little friend up down 30 times to stop the alarm. The Sonic Bomb alarm clock is intentionally designed for mega-heavy sleepers because if 113 decibels (louder than a rock concert) isn’t able to wake you up, nothing will.
The rules are easy: the clock will sound the alarm based on the time you set, and you need to stop it by using the laser target gun to shoot the bullseye. The No Snooze Alarm Clock will not stop if you go too slow or if you stop completely halfway through.
If you are a light sleeper, and you sleep with a roommate or bedmate, then waking up is a pretty sensitive issue.

If your rhythm is set properly, you may be able to regularly wake up refreshed without an alarm. Some people need a very loud, harsh alarm, some can’t wake up to the radio, and some find that gradual waking works best. If your spouse or partner, or just a roommate, doesn’t have trouble waking up on time, ask him or her to help you wake up and to make sure you stay awake.
Because of nightly hormonal changes to natural sleep cycles, many people find that they wake up a few minutes before their alarm goes off. Be it for work, class, meetings, or the day’s activities, the alarm clock is a must-have item in the bedroom.
I’m not sure how long this one will continue being your daily alarm clock before ending up thrown out the window. Cut the right wire to stop the alarm, or else your mornings will be announced with a kaboom sound.
The Bacon Alarm Clock hasn’t turned into a product yet, but it could possibly be the best-selling clock of the year if it did! Wake up to the sound of coffee drips, the strong aroma of coffee beans and if the alarm doesn’t wake you up, just let the coffee do the rest. It not only does ranged damage but splash damage as well, so either wake up at the sound of the alarm, or prepare to towel off the pools of water all over your room.

While the other alarm clocks in the list would send your roommate smashing them to pieces if you don’t wake up before they do, this one, can selectively wake its owner by vibrating his or her pillow until they are up.
There are even many varieties of alarms to stick near you that will vibrate to awaken you, including a vibrating pillow, wrist band, and devices that clip on to your pillow or go between your mattresses.
A few exercises will have a positive impact on your whole day.[9] Do some calisthenics or quickly go about your morning routine. Honestly, I don’t know how this could wake you up but it is a great alarm clock for kids who are finding it hard to save their pocket money. Thank the stars that this is only a concept alarm clock, and the best part is nobody knows who thought of this crazy idea. Put the clip back into the alarm clock to make it stop and your roommate will not be the wiser. If you work changing shifts or otherwise have to adjust your schedule, your rhythm will be thrown off for a while, but you can reset it over a few days. With the frightening alarm sounds blaring throughout your room, and possibly your flat too, you have to quickly retrieve the propeller (the key) to lodge it back to the clock to make the sound stop.

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