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Part 1 explains how self-image is created through a person’s actions, words, thoughts, and behaviors, as well as how all those factors actually help create your self-image.
When I asked my readers to submit their tips and practices for cultivating a strong and positive self-image, I was shocked by what came up.
This is a problem, because according to important and official science, having low self-esteem sucks.
I’ve discovered through my work with women that I can’t really talk about body image without also talking about self-esteem.
As I compiled this list of the most important practices, tips, methods, and advice for building self-esteem, I struggled to keep it short. The root of our self-esteem is not our achievements per se but those internally generated practices that make it possible for us to achieve. Embracing, accepting, and how things are right now doesn’t mean you have to quit trying, or stop striving to improve. Whether this wisdom connects you to a higher power, or simply to a primal animal instinct we’ve forgotten about (personally I see those two things as the same thing), learning to hear and trust your own intuitive messages offers you an infinite source of confidence and self-esteem. Negative body-image is almost always linked to overall low levels of authentic self-worth. Our culture makes it easy to fall into the trap of believing that a woman’s worth is based on her appearance, body, beauty, and sexual desirability.

A common part of having a negative self-image is feeling like you don’t matter, like you’re insignificant. The more you learn to listen to your own intuitive wisdom, the louder those messages will become, so don’t stress if you can’t hear them yet! I believe most people have no idea what they’re capable of, and when they find out, they can enter a whole new era of self-love. The more you love and take care of what you have now, the more likely you'll move in the direction of self-improvement.
Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton and Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert are two excellent books that can also help us understand the science underlying how we create our own realities.
I believe this is the most important work that a person can do, and it is the dedicated work of a lifetime.
The more ways you can bring your innermost Self to the surface, the more authentic and confident in yourself you’ll become. Seeing yourself that way, even if you see everyone that way, causes inaction and apathy, which creates a self-fulfilling negative cycle.
You may think you’re too smart or self-aware to be affected by the images you see, but unfortunately it’s built into the way we’re all wired.

Finally you can feel empowered, and can feel the peace that comes with challenging your body, rising to the challenge, and succeeding. This is an extremely effective tool for self-assessment, motivation, and perspective, and it helps you shift your awareness and mindset to notice what’s impressive about you.
Unconditional self-love just means your worth doesn’t change based on external circumstances.
You can use your creativity and imagination to re-program what you see when you look at yourself; view yourself through the eyes of someone (real or imaginary) who finds you perfect.
This skill (not the actual creative skill mind you, but the skill of expressing yourself) cannot be overstated for it’s role in self-esteem. Learn to listen to your gut (meaning that instant feeling that something is right or wrong, even if you can’t justify the feeling with logic), and you will be shocked by how confident you become.

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