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A relatively brief but heartfelt account of the life of one of Africa's great filmmakers and political figures.
Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common. Reading these comments, looking through these blogs, I sometimes feel like Miss Lonelyhearts. But that doesn't describe most of you, who are lonely for what might be a matrix of psychological, social and situational reasons. When I spent a year in Cape Town, half a world away from everyone and everything I knew, I wasn't lonely for a moment.
For nearly 20 years I have been happily married to Chaz, and before that there were other kind women in my life.
He is the only film critic with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame and was named honorary life member of the Directors' Guild of America. His writing on film and TV has appeared in The New York Times, Salon, New York Press, The Star-Ledger and Dallas Observer. They include contributors from (alphabetically) Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Great Britain, India, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, Turkey and the U.S. Favorite subjects include evidence-based movie criticism, cinematic form and style, comedy, logical reasoning, language, journalism, technology, epistemology and fun.

He won the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Screenwriters' Guild, and honorary degrees from the American Film Institute and the University of Colorado at Boulder. But there are times when the net reminds me of the definition of a bore by Meyer the hairy economist, best friend of Travis McGee: "You know what a bore is, Travis. I've always enjoyed fiction about exile; give me a novel that starts with someone alone in a room in a strange city, and I perk up. To find a cafe and order a coffee and think to myself -- here I am, known to no one, drinking my coffee and reading my paper. There were two nights when I was alone and she was in the hospital, just as there were months when she was alone and I was in the hospital. Shales also spent two decades reviewing movies for NPR's Morning Edition and is the coauthor of two bestsellers: "Live from New York," on "Saturday Night Live," and "Those Guys Have All the Fun," on ESPN. I identify with the meaning given to "nostalgia" by Tarkovsky, which in one Russian sense means a longing for one's home so sweet and sharp one might almost leave home in order to feel it. The school bus dropped me off at 3, and my parents weren't home until after 5, but those two hours alone were treasure to me. Alcohol makes you feel better and then makes you feel worse and then remorselessly very bad indeed, but then alcohol will make you feel better again. I was happy one summer to rent a car and drive alone from the Lake District up through Scotland, finding my way from one bed and breakfast to another.

There might have been a time when humans were content to sit and simply be, like the goat I saw yesterday sitting contently in a patch of sunshine at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Those who stare at the TV for hours might as well be sitting on a stone under a tree in a primeval village; indeed, that might offer more interest and variety. I always had a good book going, I sketched, I talked to strangers, I wandered, but not lonely as a cloud. I have explained before how I'm attracted to anonymous formica restaurants where I can read my book and look forward to rice pudding for desert. I can't eat, drink or talk, and yet I have so many other resources to keep myself entertained.
But what all lonely people share is a desire not to be -- or at least not to feel -- alone.

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