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Citizens Advice has revealed that it helps with 14,000 credit card debt problems a month making it the second most common debt issue people seek advice on. The national charity is calling on the FCA to make sure the market is working for consumers and that lenders behave responsibly when collecting debts. Citizens Advice helps with 14,000 credit card problems a month, making it is the second most common debt issue we deal with. Nobody could foresee how quickly the UK’s financial stability would be rocked and this has left many people of all ages, married and single vulnerable to finding themselves with huge debt problems that 5 years ago would not have seemed possible. Many people look to see what cutbacks they can make in their day to day expenses to try to get on top of their mounting debt. Do you need two cars when most of the time only one car is used, by selling one you would not only be putting money into your bank account that you could use to clear your debt, but you would also be saving on road tax, car insurance, breakdown cover and fuel too.

If your mortgage is a repayment mortgage approach your lender to ask if can switch to interest only payments until you are out of debt.
You could sell your home and move back into rented accommodation, this would release all equity that you have in the property allowing you to pay off all or some of your debts and maybe give you enough to put into a savings account as a cushion against any other unexpected financial crisis. Moodys Warns of EU Debt Crisis in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ireland and UK, Making stock and economic news easier to read, bookmark and use!
Borrowers who only pay off the minimum amount can find themselves in a never-ending cycle of borrowing which means their debt only gets bigger. Evidence from Citizens Advice has found some people go onto face harsh debt collection practices, like the threat of bankruptcy, from their card providers.
But in the fast changing financial crisis that we find ourselves in today many of these households are now struggling to make their mortgage payments and pay for essential items such as food, utilities, council tax and clothing without becoming in danger of building up large credit card debts and missing mortgage payments.

Once in this position it is increasingly difficult to get yourself back on track and not spiral into further debt.
For people who seek help from us about serious debt problems, the average credit card debt is ?6,000.

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