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If you need to be out the door and on your way at a certain time, think about how much time you'll need for each step of your morning routine. As you lay in bed, drifting off to sleep, tell yourself: "I need to wake up early tomorrow. It's easier to wake up early if you've have the recommended amount of sleep during the night.
If you use a phone or electronic device as an alarm clock, make it a strange, catchy, jazzy tune that wakes you up.
If you're having trouble waking up in the morning, splash your face with cold water, or before you go to bed, put 2 spoons in the freezer and in the morning when you wake up, hold them on your eyes for about 1 minute. You should not go to bed after 10:30 as it will make you feel drowsy in the morning, which will make you wake up late.

Not only does the rush of flavor wake you up, but once you do hit the sack, you may have a hard time staying there. If you're used to sleeping from 12 to 9, you can't still go to bed at midnight and expect that 6 AM wake-up call to be all trumpets and roses. If you're sleeping in the same room as someone, tell them your plan to wake up early, and ask their permission to set an alarm.
Scientists have found that you don't get the more restful, REM sleep while snoozing, making this guilty pleasure especially wasteful for your wakefulness. It's a simple truth, but that doesn't mean it's any less important: sleeping enough will help you wake up earlier.
To effectively wake up early, you'll have to reset your sleep schedule, develop effective waking-up-early habits, and become more of a morning person than you currently are.

Find a week or weekend that you can go to sleep at different times and wake up at the same time.
The goal isn't to need less sleep (sleep, after all, is wonderful), the goal is just to wake up earlier easier.
And even when you hit that glorious Saturday, chuck off 15 minutes until you hit your goal wake-up time.

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