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The single suitcase I’m using for my semester abroad is made by High Sierra and measures 16 inches wide by 23 inches tall by 13 inches deep when stuffed to capacity.
Also, I like traveling with books that I know can leave behind because this ensures that I have room in my luggage at the end of my trip to bring back the stuff I’ve bought while abroad.
In addition to my all my clothes, I also have to pack five textbooks for my classes, plus a bunch of books I want to read for pleasure.
However, since I puff up like a Ball Park Hotdog every time I fly, wearing my already-tight-on-my-fat-legs boots is not an option.

In fact I packed 12 pounds of Italian sea salt and truffles into the suitcase for the return trip and was still under weight. The Pablove Foundation was founded to raise money and awareness for kids battling cancer - your blood can help save a child's life. I also pack my knitting needles next to the handle housing at the bottom of the suitcase so on x-ray they look like part of the infrastructure of the suitcase and not stabby weapons for hijacking.
Pictured are three of the five pairs of shoes that I’m bringing on my three month trip to Florence, Italy.

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