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Whenever you’re competing, the best coach or persons to get advice from is someone who has competed in the sport him or herself, an individual who had been a coach for year, or joining a triathlon club or group.
Freestyle is the best stroke for a triathlon because it’s the most efficient for you to move quickly in open water, says Kalley. Biking may come easier to some than others, but your first time on a bike for competitive purposes can be nerve-racking.
Three miles may sound easy, but after you’ve exhausted yourself biking and swimming, it can be a lot more challenging just to keep your legs moving. But with enough training under your belt, the run can be where you make up for wasted time in transitions or during other portions of the race. Even if you’ve run a few races before like I had, Kalley recommends spending at least one session practicing transitioning from the one activity to the next, whether it be swim to bike or bike to run. Get there early! Racing is stressful enough for most people, so don’t add more by being late or cutting it close.
Despite choppy water conditions, and attempting to mount my bike five feet too early,  I had a successful first triathlon. Subscribe to the Life by DailyBurn newsletter for healthy tips, articles, recipes and more. Knowing Kalley, who trains at The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers (one of the few gyms that has a pool in NYC), had completed many triathlons himself and was the coach of a tri club, Full Throttle, I chose to train with him.

But when it comes to training, don’t be surprised if you’re winded after the first 50 yards.
It’s important to experience that moment when your legs are so exhausted from the bike and you still need them for the run; they’re like rubber and it seems physically impossible to go another step. Be sure they’re pumped within the pounds per square inch (PSI) range recommended for your specific tires (imprinted along the side of the tread).
If you didn’t visit the race site for a test swim beforehand and are offered the opportunity jump in and warm up pre-race, definitely get in. Not only can signing up for a triathlon be especially intimidating for first timers — there’s also the training, gear and equipment to think about.
Coaches recommend training in the gear you plan to race in, so you should get it as soon as possible.
While you may know how to swim, Kalley says, form is a common hurdle for those not too familiar with the water. It was hard for me to remember what each part of my body should be doing at first and I’d lose my rhythm midswim, but the more I did it, the more comfortable I became. It’s common to feel overwhelmed the day of, so don’t be afraid to ask someone for help if you’ve never racked your bike before, or aren’t sure where you should lay your stuff out.

Joining a triathlon club or group is a great option for first timer, as you can learn with others new to the sport, and support one another.
The good news is, practicing a variety of drills can help, including side kicks to work on rotating the body and breathing, the one arm stroke and catch-up drill to single out and correct form for each arm, laps with a buoy between the legs to focus on arm strength and endurance, and holding onto a kickboard to work on kick and leg strength. However, because I didn’t have much time to train, I chose a one-on-one option and got a coach.
And, as most first-timers are warned, I’m already looking forward to signing up for my next.
Though I was very nervous and only decided to try it a week before the race, learning with Kalley, in an area with a very low volume of traffic made me less scared.
11 Week Sprint Distance Training Program - Tri-Newbies Online11 Week Sprint Distance Program – Beginner. Free Triathlon Training Programs - Tri-Newbies OnlineFree plans for beginners for sprint, olympic and half ironman distances.

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