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This add-on for Google Chrome and Apple Safari lets you set time limits for browsing distracting websites, but if you aren't careful you can disable its features. We have all experienced that time of day when we slowly start feeling less productive and less focused on the task at hand, and tend to wonder off onto Facebook or chatting to friends on Skype. Remembering to take short breaks during your day and adding these foods into your diet, may help you stay focused and achieve a healthier working routine. Five more minutes of YouTube, or your favorite news site, or a gorgeous design blog--anything, as long as it's not work. Like LeechBlock, it lets you configure a blocking schedule, and easily add websites to block.
On Google’s browser, to verify that the current website is indeed blocked and check how much time is left, you must click the WasteNoTime button on the Chrome toolbar.

If you want to change the options (to unblock a website, for example), you'll have to type that case-sensitive string without making any mistakes. This key combination instantly launches Chrome's Incognito mode, and by default, add-ons don't run in this mode. It’s easy to feel this way especially when you are working on a boring, uninspiring task or have just returned back to work after a long, enjoyable holiday. They contain healthy fats which helps the brain to function and keep you focused among its many other benefits. But those five minutes all too often become 30 minutes or more, and suddenly you realize that you barely got any real work done. After this it’s advisable to take short breaks in between your “working hours” and have a glass of water or check the news online, in order to maintain maximum concentration when returning back to work.

Oatmeal for breakfast is very good as it keeps you fuller for longer and helps with your short term memory. Free Chrome add-on WasteNoTime tries to save you from that moment by helping you limit the amount of time you spend on distracting websites. Most people find it incredibly difficult to stay focused throughout the day, but there are certain things you can do to maintain a more focused frame of mind.

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