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A new editorial report hopes to bring attention to the dangers of having risky sex while high on drugs.
A new analysis shows that psychedelic drugs are re-emerging in the medical world as potential therapies for mental health disorders, including anxiety and PTSD. Avoid refilling the coffee cup by using these four scientifically proven hacks to stay wide awake.
Whether you are trying to work, get through a day after a sleepless night, or recovering from travel, it is possible to help yourself feel awake, alert, and energetic without having to resort to using caffeine or other medications. Pumping up the volume on your favorite jams and singing along will help you feel more awake.

At times like these, reaching for a strong kopi or a caffeine-filled energy drink to stay awake seems the natural thing to do. However, dropping the room temperature until it becomes chilled should help keeping you awake. Getting insufficient amounts of water during the day can lead to dehydration, which subsequently leads to fatigue and more serious symptoms, like confusion, heart palpitations, and fainting. It’s especially important to stay hydrated because “the adult human body is 50 to 65 percent water. Her favorite article she’s worked on is How to Keep Cats Out of the House, and her favorite article on wikiHow is How to Care for a New Cat.
If you’ve ever attended a conference in a freezing cold room, chances are the speaker wanted you to stay awake and alert, especially after lunch.

Try stretching your vision by looking at things close up and then far away, alternating very quickly. Bright lights activate the neurons in the hypothalamus that release a neurotransmitter called hypocretin, which helps us stay awake and alert during the day.
However, in the American Chemical Society’s latest Reactions video, “How to Stay Awake (Without Caffeine),” chemists suggest we can boost our body’s energy levels well into the work day by watching funny cat videos and singing and dancing to music.

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