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For many people today, meditation still has a connotation of being an onerous practice—something that’s difficult to do or too elusive to understand how to do it “correctly.” When I first began meditating thirty years ago, I used to think like this, too. For me, meditation is about sitting down some place quiet with my head, neck, and spine in alignment and connecting with myself within.
Meditation is a process of cultivating, or “training,” our minds by reining in our thoughts. Having expectations of a meditation practice can lead to thoughts like, If it’s not happening the way I think it should, I’m going to quit or give up.
After many years of practice, I know that how I start my day sets the tone for my entire day. After decades of beginning my day with meditation, I have a loving, compassionate relationship with myself and others. Here is some science about the physical effects of meditation, as well as tips for getting started.
During meditation functions of the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates our fight-or-flight response, are decreased.
A study conducted in 2012 found people who exercised and meditation reported fewer sick days than those who did not. Read more of Mindith's tips in her article, 5 Tips for Creating a Simple Meditation Space. Good luck with your meditation practice, and feel free to share your experience in the Breaking Muscle Forums! When it comes to meditation, I don’t believe there are any shoulds or specific ways it has to happen.

When I start my day grounded within myself, connected within—even if it is just for five minutes—it makes all the difference in the world. In the Preface of my book The Practice, I talk about my younger days as an insecure, lonely, unhappy girl and how I grew into the confident, loving, compassionate, and strong 57-year-old woman I am today. But pushing yourself to the limits on a regular basis is even more of a reason to work on your meditation game. The participants who practiced daily meditation only had 257 sick days and 27 instances of respiratory illness, as opposed to the inactive group, who reported 453 sick days and 40 cases of respiratory illness. Additionally, she taught a class on meditation and spiritual practices as part of the life-long learning program at Nova University for five years. The longer you meditate, the stronger your meditation muscles become, and the more stress you can cope with without jacking up your adrenals. During meditation, the increased flow of blood delivers more oxygen to the muscles and lactate is more quickly and effectively removed.
Consider what style of meditation is best for your personality before you commit to a practice.
For the past ten years, she has been offering workshops and classes on spiritual practices throughout the world. Coach Danielle Harlan detailed eight types of meditation in her article, Discover the Best Meditation Type for You, so check it if you need some creative ideas. In one study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an eight-week course in mindfulness meditation was enough to significantly increase activity in the area of the left brain associated with positive feelings and the ability to recover more quickly from stress.Mindfulness teaches you new habits of response that make you happier. When practice gets uncomfortable, you're relieved to have an excuse to stop: You're not cut out for this!And practice is often uncomfortable.

A friend who's newish to meditation says, "The silence is deafening!")Everyone who meditates is a veteran of these torments. Once you understand that's impossible, meditation gets easier."Finding a Meditation TeacherI started out as the worst meditator in history. Your physical practice can be anything from walking up a flight of stairs to playing basketball with your kid. A friend suggested a weekend retreat with Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg, who brought mindfulness meditation home from India.
Also called insight meditation, this is the practice the Buddha discovered that led to his enlightenment. Ten days of meditating 12 hours a day, no reading or writing, and, except for two brief meetings with a teacher, no talking.
Meditation helps you strip away the things in life that don’t really matter and help you focus on the things that do.
I have found my own personal meditations in a stranger’s smile, helping a friend in need, connecting to the people around me and taking the time to connect to myself. Meditation invites these reactions to the surface, where they can get the attention they've wanted from you all these years, and ultimately dissolve.

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