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It’s as if you are on the highway going in one direction but the you come across a road sign that is telling you your destination is in the opposite direction….but you keep driving the wrong direction anyway! There’s more than 9 reasons, however I want to give you an idea of what it’s like to live a purposeful life, so read on to understand the importance of the whole ‘purpose thing’.
You’re doing something that matters, you feel good and you are helping other people improve their life in some way or another. Your purpose can lead you to doing all the things you dreamed about because you are no longer making excuses to live a mediocre life, you have found what makes you come alive. You blaze your own trail, non-conforming to what once seemed to be normal, living someone else’s life. Manifesting becomes easier too.  Whatever you need to fulfill your life purpose comes to you because you are in your ‘flow’, you have a vision and direction, by using these internal gifts you are connected to the life-source and you have recognition of oneness allowing tools, resources and people show up when you need. By knowing your strengths and passions will create a unique gift you have to offer value and services to others. Offering your ‘services’ doing something you love is amazing and everybody should be doing it! You become your true self, live a more authentic life, you remember you have a creative side and can in turn create a fuller life for you and others. Your energy, your passion, your zest and love of live will have people wondering and asking what your secret is!

I used to ignore it when I read or hear someone say find your passion but after I started blogging, I now understand what this is all about.
Sometimes I also think it comes down to the fact that if you’re not living your life purpose then you may as well not be living. Trees are like natures vacuum cleaners, removing pollutants and Co2 from the air, making it cleaner for us to breathe and slowing global warming. Fortunately times are changing, as more of us are seeing that our innate creative nature can help us the create more meaning, lacking in most people lives.
But if living a purposeful life is important to you, which I assume it is because you’re reading this, you probably reached that point when enough is enough. Thank you John, if you like and haven’t already please consider signing up for updates. It feels good and will allow other people to see your passion and may even inspire them to make positive change in their own lives.
They will be in awe at your happiness and ability to never get tired or bored doing what you do when you have found your purpose.
Its true, what is the point of living without your life purpose… more people need to realize they are here for more than mere existence. Like a sperm knows it’s mission is to finds its way to the ovaries, or a cell knows how to separate and heal the body; there is a purpose to every living organism on this planet.

However in many cases we accept mediocrity, unconsciously following the rules of a society which continues to take more, to subsidise a system that’s failing to help people live meaningful lives. It is early days here and there’ll be many more like this to come thanks for stopping by. Man I wish we could have learned those skills early on and YOU probably wouldn’t be here now trying to figure out why you really need to find your life purpose. When you discover your life’s true path your life changes, your being changes, everything becomes clear and you realize there’s more to life. Your purpose consists of giving of yourself to others and when you do this you are creating happiness for yourself, because giving makes you feel good. Subscribe to her Happy Triggers Guide, designed to help you find a plan for your life even if you don’t know where to start!
Life may not always be perfect, neither will things go the way you want them to all the time but you will know yourself, who you are and what you are meant to be doing with your life and THAT, my friend is worth finding your purpose for. It was as if these towering oaks were sharing their gifts with the forest, instinctively knowing their purpose in life, is to continue the evolution of their species; but as you may know trees do much more.

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