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LOS ANGELES — Swept by the barefoot running craze, ultramarathoner Ryan Carter ditched his sneakers for footwear that mimics the experience of striding unshod. During a training run with a friend along a picturesque bike path near downtown Minneapolis, Carter suddenly stopped, unable to take another step.
As more avid runners and casual athletes experiment with barefoot running, doctors say they are treating injuries ranging from pulled calf muscles to Achilles tendinitis to metatarsal stress fractures, mainly in people who ramped up too fast.
Many converts were inspired by Christopher McDougall's 2009 best-seller "Born To Run," widely credited with sparking the barefoot running trend in the Western world. While the ranks of people running barefoot or in "barefoot running shoes" have grown in recent years, they still represent the minority of runners.
In some cases, foot specialists are noticing injuries arising from the switch to barefoot, which uses different muscles. Podiatrist Paul Langer used to see one or two barefoot running injuries a month at his Twin Cities Orthopedics practice in Minneapolis.
Pre-human ancestors have walked and run in bare feet for millions of years often on rough surfaces, yet researchers surprisingly know very little about the science of barefoot running. Greg Farris decided to try barefoot running to ease the pain on the outside of his knee, a problem commonly known as runner's knee. Halfway through a 5K run in January, he felt his right foot go numb, but he pushed on and finished the race. A year and a half ago, Ross saw a steady stream — between three and six barefoot runners a week — with various aches and pain. There's one group foot experts say should avoid barefoot running: People with decreased sensation in their feet, a problem common among diabetics, since they won't be able to know when they get injured. Harvard evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman runs a lab devoted to studying the effects of running form on injury rates. In a 2010 study examining different running gaits, Lieberman and colleagues found that striking the ground heel first sends a shock up through the body while barefoot runners tend to have a more springy step. The other problem with running shoes is that they encourage you to run with the wrong form.
With their individual toe holds Vibram’s FiveFingers look like they are trying to replicate a bare foot in shoe form.
Our suggestion: Although you can use FiveFingers for long distance running Spot Cool Stuff prefers them for more routine physical activity like jogging and light-to-moderate hiking. Compared to the Vibram FiveFingers (above), a pair of Newtons may look more like your typical running shoe. To learn why running barefoot is superior to running in a typical pair of shoes you could pour through out a slew of academic studies on the subject. America’s Podiatrist has a great overview of the harm typical running shoes can cause your feet, knees and legs.
I am an experienced runner (30 years) and I have to say that as comfortable as the shoes are, i find the sole too thin to cushion the bottom of the foot. Maybe there is something to this whole barefoot gimmick but I can attest that regular running shoes do none of the harm this article says they do.
I have not gone completely barefoot or put out the money for vibram 5 fingers but I have been running in swimming shoes. Vibrams are easily the best shoes we know of to, for example, go on a walk through a jungle, then stroll on a beach, then wade out across rocks, then go for a swim, then make that trip back all without taking off your shoes. Puma H Streets, while not marketed as a running shoe (and not even listed under running on their website) are another great option for minimalistic footwear.
Newtons are perhaps the best shoes I have ever run in and I have been a runner for over 25 years. Started wearing the Newtons in September of this year, and after a period of adjustment (as recommended by Newton), can safely say that my running form is much more efficient.
No runner should be advised to run in FiveFingers unless an assessment of strength and mobility is performed and a focus is turned to improving  form.  If you do not have a skilled person to assist you. Some important points to consider before agreeing with the Runner’s World main title that FiveFingers lead to injury.
Elite runners have some of the highest injury rates as well as some of the most severe injuries. To answer your question, it’s all about longevity and efficiency and really learning how to run pain free.

The book focuses on an Indian tribe in Mexico whose members run long distances without pain in little more than sandals. Some devotees swear they are less prone to injuries after kicking off their athletic shoes though there's no evidence that barefoot runners suffer fewer problems. Shod runners tend to have a longer stride and land on their heel compared with barefoot runners, who are more likely to have a shorter stride and land on the midfoot or forefoot. Between 30 to 70 percent of runners suffer from repetitive stress injuries every year and experts can't agree on how to prevent them. The modern running shoe with its cushioned heel and stiff sole was not invented until the 1970s. It's possible that fewer people are trying it or those baring their feet are doing a better job adapting to the new running style. Before he shed his shoes, he never had a problem that kept him off his feet for two months.
Luckily, there's been a huge push to design minimalist shoes that mimic the feel of barefoot running. The other striking feature of their design is how flexible the FiveFingers are—you can literally bend them in half!
The soles of the shoe are tough enough for everyday use and for climbing over rocks, gravel or anything else you’d tread on with sneakers. If you are a frequent runner, and especially if you are training for a marathon or triathlon, Spot Cool Stuff feels that Newtons are well worth the cost.
Or, for vastly more entertaining read, check out Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.
The group runs a blog and has all sorts of info on the benefits of going barefoot; it is also a great resource for meeting people who are anti-shoe.
I measured my feet, however I recommend going into a store and actually having them fitted.
I have a pair of the Moteus’s and they are some of the lightest and most flexible shoes that I have ever worn. They have shoes with various cushioning thicknesses allowing you to gradually get your foot strike correct without rushing the process and not injuring yourself. But I just don’t see how shoes really do cause all those injuries and how being barefoot protects you against over-use injuries.
They’ve definitely picked up their game and have a pretty awesome range of barefoot shoes. We don’t have personal experience with the martial arts shoes that you mentioned, but Cudas makes a great pair of water shoes that only cost around $25 (a great deal, we think) . They’re designed to emulate walking barefoot (and do so perfectly) and are definitely worth consideration for barefooters. These runners were all running in traditional shoes with no prior experience in Vibram FiveFingers (and we assume barefoot or other true minimalist shoe) and none had significant injury in the six months before the study.  The first group continued their normal training in their conventional running shoes. Other Natural Running Center store partners offer the same kind of information and cautionary advice with all their customers: transition to minimalism takes time, and the actual duration depends on a case-by-case basis.
Likely these runners felt a decreased effort or increased pleasure in running but their bones may not have made full adaptation.
The injury problem is so bad among elite runners that many can barely run at all by the time they hit 40-45 years old. Injuries can occur when people transition too fast and put too much pressure on their calf and foot muscles, or don't shorten their stride and end up landing on their heel with no padding. Some runners with chronic problems have seized on barefoot running as an antidote, claiming it's more natural. Shoes aren't either," said Lieberman, who runs barefoot except during the New England winters. Shoes, it seems, constrain our feet, and cause us to move in ways that aren't natural: we strike our heels, run with bad posture, and don't engage with our environment.
These shoes engage the muscles of the feet, encourage good posture, and help train the wearer to land correctly. When encased in an excessively built-up running shoe the muscles, tendons and ligaments of your lower extremities will atrophy.
Try going for a run barefoot and you’ll experience this yourself—your heels will barely touch the ground.

These shoe ares also extremely lightweight and are comprised of rubbery material that contours snuggly around the foot.
Key to the design of the Newton is the rubber actuator lug that extends from the base of the shoe’s forefoot area to the toes. You’ll find swimming in barefoot shoes much easier than regular shoes but not as comfortable as swimming shoe-free. I was about to give up running, attributing my problems to being older when I attended a natural running clinic that claimed to have the answers to my running problems. Actually, anything that strengthens the intrinsic musculature of the foot (like these shoes ) is a good thing…again, provided there are NO abnormalities in foot function.
For your particular situation it could be that you don’t require shoes that are so versatile. To be fair, I haven’t tried them, just Vibram Five Finger KSOs and Vivo Barefoot Aquas.
The other group continued their normal training and added some of their running in Vibram FiveFingers. If you're thinking about giving barefoot running a try, here are a few selections to get you started. That’s because your shoes are doing the work that your legs and feet should be doing. In contrast, most running shoes will cause you to land on your heels in a way that won’t only slow you down but will inevitably lead to knee and back pain.
All that makes a pair of Vibram FiveFingers feel more like a second layer of skin than like shoes. With a pair of FiveFingers you can run on a beach and get that barefoot feeling without the worry of stepping on sharp shells and glass. Imagine a sort of springboard in the middle of the shoe that propels you forward in a way that mimics how a bare foot bounces you from one stride into the next—running in a pair of Newtons feels a little like you are always on a slight downhill. Novice runners, or those uncertain about their form, would do best starting with a pair of Guidance Trainers. They asked why I had starting wearing running shoes and recommended I start running barefoot again. But there’s plenty of modern scientific evidence in support of barefoot running shoes in addition to it being our human history. Use these shoes as training wheels on your way to true barefoot running or as guidance to becoming a chi runner. Newtons are also lightweight, highly breathable and among the most comfortable running shoes on the market. More experienced runners should consult the Newton website for advice on which shoe best fits their running style. Well I went home, got out some duct tape and taped my foot like I use to and headed out for what I thought was to be a very short run.
Said another way, a person without abnormal biomechanics will not have problems with these shoes…heck, they could run barefoot if they wanted and not have problems.
In all of those shoes you could wade through a river or go on a wet canoe ride (okay, maybe not the flip-flops but the other ones). The oxymoron "barefoot running shoes" is like a glove for the feet designed to protect from glass and other hazards on the ground. I have been running in them for quite some time now (after a long period of using standard trainers and supplementing actual barefoot running several days a week) and it’s been great. Superlight minimalist shoes are a cross between barefoot shoes and traditional sneakers — there's little to no arch support and they're lower profile. And once you’re used to them, standard trainers feel so foreign to your feet, you really start to take the validity of the recent barefoot research seriously.
I will from time to time because of the race conditions slip on a pair of cheep swim shoes but I can say that traditional running shoes did a tremendous amount of damage in my case.

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