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It takes confidence to be a kid.  Whether going to a new school, starting a new sport, or coming to a program like Bounce Back, kids face a lot of new territory. Naturally, parents want to instill a can-do attitude in their kids so that they’ll bravely take on new challenges and, over time, believe in themselves.  While each child is a little different, parents can follow some general guidelines to help kids self esteem. Building self-confidence can begin very early.  It can also begin with being able to teach kids about feelings and how to express them. There’s a lot of focus these days on feeding kids healthy foods and making sure they have a steady diet of brain-boosting activities, but nurturing confidence is equally vital to well-being. These are the strategies for raising confident kids that I’ve picked up as a parenting magazine editor, and through my own adventures in motherhood.
Child development pros make a big deal about encouraging kids to take on tasks they can master, whether it’s a craft project or a Wii game, to instill a sense of accomplishment.

This is a classic confidence tactic: Enable children to make decisions so they learn to trust their judgment. When kids achieve something, whether it’s brushing their own teeth, riding their bike, they get a sense of themselves as able and capable, and tap into that high-octane fuel of confidence. We usually  know and hear when a child is angry or sad but there are many other feelings that often go unrecognized.  Parents can help by giving kids lots of opportunities to practice and master their skills, letting kids make mistakes and being there to boost their spirits so they keep trying.
Thing is, they are still key to helping kids of any age feel safe, secure, confident and in control.
And so, when I can’t figure out how to, say, change something in settings, I ask him. Kids with lower self-esteem were more likely to go for the easy choice if they had received inflated praise.

They may worry about always meeting overly high standards, and opt out of challenges—the very ones that instill can-do confidence. Finally, I looked up from the screen, watched her in admiration and told her how proud I was that she’d nailed them.

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