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Unlike other programs, our treatment thoroughly addresses three areas of addiction – physical cravings, habitual behaviors and the psychological driving forces behind your compulsion to smoke.
There is really no good reason to continue smoking, unless you are addicted to burning money. Because we are confident that you will stop smoking in one 2-hour session, we are offering a full money-back guarantee if our program does not enable you to stop smoking. It might surprise you to learn that as soon as you stop smoking, your entire body starts the recovery process. The longer you go without a cigarette, the more benefits of quitting smoking your body experiences.
When you decide that you want to stop smoking, research all the different methods at your disposal and choose the one that will suit your habit and personality best.
Conditions related to your smoking habit such as poor blood circulation, peripheral vascular disease, and cold feet may improve. You’ve succeeded in quitting smoking and you are doing something good for your health.
The other voice likes the feeling that comes from smoking and doesn’t want to quit.

While this method is one of many quitting methods, it has worked for a number of people, so it might just be worth consideration in your own case. This method requires a little bit of willpower, but will stop your body's chemical addiction to nicotine and help prevent the psychological, as well as habitual drive to light up. The reason why hypnotherapy & NLP are so successful is because both our beliefs about smoking and our habitual smoking behaviours reside within your unconscious mind. Make sure you're healthy enough to follow the steps for any quitting method and it's always a good idea to talk to your doctor first.
So whilst consciously we may wish to quit, all too often our all powerful unconscious mind simply would not let us.
This dramatic level of reduction of withdrawal symptoms makes it easy to stop smoking and get off of the physical nicotine dependence.
Ad Steps 1Decide that you want to stop smoking, but don't make too big of a deal about it. Drink two to three cups of coffee a day, caffeinated energy quitting caffeine drinks, or similar caffeinated products – it won't take much to develop a caffeine craving.
This step should be taken about 5-7 days after your initial decision to quit, but if it takes longer, don't sweat it.

Instead of worrying about starting again, focus on the positives of on deprivation through quitting.
There will be residual nicotine coating your lungs (if you have been smoking for less than 5 years, then the residual nicotine in your lungs will be healthy again about 2 years after you stop smoking), and this will cause that residual nicotine to dislodge and aerate. Keep eating the carrot sticks, healthy snack foods, and using other little healthy food and distraction tricks to curb the psychological and habitual side of your addiction. By reducing the amount of caffeine you intake, as well as slowly eliminating the smoking-replacement habits (carrot sticks, etc.), you will chemically link these two behaviors within your body's chemical addiction response centers. About a week after you have reduced your caffeine intake (about 3-4 weeks total for this process), your body's chemical dependence on nicotine will have been virtually eliminated, your psychological smoking triggers can be dealt with by having a cup of coffee, (in many cases you don't actually need to drink the coffee, just going to a coffee shop and relaxing for awhile, or smelling the aroma can suffice), exercising, and perhaps preferring decaf options for drinking.
And you should find that your habitual smoking mentality will have been replaced with habitual healthy snacking.

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