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For our family, not only does this help us limit total screen time, it has also eliminated the fights between the kids about whose turn it is to use the computer. On the next screen create your calendar by naming it and then sharing it with your family members where it says “Share with specific people. I was so excited to share with you how to set up text message alerts, one of my favorite features, but sadly I just received an email the other day that Google is taking away this feature at the end of June. Products like Google Docs and Google Sheets are a fantastic way to help keep your family organized and share information with each other. If you are already using Google Drive and haven’t already done so, I recommend organizing your files into different folders, whether they are shared or not. If you are still feeling a little disorganized (and perhaps a bit overwhelmed!), I encourage you try these three simple things you can do to get your life feeling more balanced. I usually use my Apple calendar but do like that you use this for the family as a unit and am going to look into it now.
Yeah, it’s fantastic for things like that since you get notifications (and you can adjust how far in advance to have it notify you).
Food blogger, runner, on the go wife and mom to 3 teens, plus our family includes 7 dogs and cats. Follow along for healthy recipes (mostly), how-to's, our travel adventures, and a little daily life as well! My favorite feature that has saved our family countless fees and embarrassment is their text reminder service.
If you are looking to get your family’s finances back on track this year, my favorite and most reliable financial reporting comes from Mint.
No more scraps of paper all over the house or hanging on to newsletters for one paragraph of information, Evernote has become my virtual notebook to keep us organized. Menu planning can be a challenge for families and keeping track of all of those recipes you want to try can be a challenge when your Pinterest boards are overflowing with ideas.

Depending on how the recipe is input into the source, SpringPad will either pull the recipe right into your notebook so you can view it right from the notebook, you can manually add in the recipe, or a link to the recipe will be provided so you can access it from the page you found it. You should first make cards in Google Calendar with all the activities and how much time they take (and don't forget to account for driving there). For example, it imports Google Calendar entries, has its own to-do list and grocery list, and a journal to capture and share family moments. It’s Bev again from Linkouture back for some more fun using Google to organize your life so that you have more time to actually enjoy spending with your family!
I have one for my blog for scheduling blog posts (and which I can easily move around when need be), a personal one, several for collaborative projects, and a family one that my husband and I share. However, if you have notifications for your Google calendar set up on your phone, it will still alert you.
I go through spurts when I feel that way too, but I find that writing (or typing) things down and keeping it organized helps me feel more in control.
Over the years, this app has evolved so much and fits perfectly into our family’s everyday needs. When I input our family’s appointments, I can have a text sent to myself or to my husband that reminds us about that appointment.
The coupon feature helps save our family money on items we were already planning to buy and the list helps keep our family budget on track. When items come home to us that I might need to reference for our family later, like the cafeteria lunch schedule or the recess schedule, I can either take a photo of what I need or I can scan that item into Evernote and tag it with, “School,” for easy reference. While I rely heavily on Instagram for capturing still images of our family from day-to-day I also love to capture movies of them.  Although we have many fancy camcorders laying around our house, the one recorder I always have with me is my phone. Dinner should be family time and this app will ensure your kid isn't glued to his or her phone at the table. Especially now that summer is here, I am sure you are certainly going to want to focus on the special people in your life and being present with them instead of spending time trying to remember who is supposed to be where at what time.

But now I have created folders for different things (such as my business, past and current projects) and organized all of my files into them. While with Google Drive you do have the added benefit of being able to search for them even if they aren’t in a folder, it will make your life so much easier if you just get into the habit of putting them into folders. For today’s families, getting onto using an online family calendar is a great way to go! I agree it’s important to have family members all on the same calendar for keeping things organized!
This gadget has brought more organization to my life than I dreamed possible and is what I rely on daily to tackle the day-to-day tasks as a mom. I think of SpringPad as a virtual notebook where you can privately or publicly share things you want to reference to manage your life.
I am a huge fan of vintage looking film and pictures so I have found that the  8MM vintage camera app is a fun way to add a little vintage to our family’s most precious recorded moments.
Additionally, Cozi might not be for everyone; for example, it's overkill for small families, like a couple with just one kid in grade school.
As she gets older and her life becomes busier and her schedules starts to become more complicated, I know it will be even more important for us to be on the same page about everyone’s schedules! It is easy to use, color-coded (for each family member), includes pictures of your sweet little ones, helps you with your grocery list, and offers text message alerts to you for appointment reminders…all from one central location.
Notebooks can be created on any topic, but I create weekly notebooks of menu plans for my family, adding those recipes into a notebook so that I can reference them later, whether I am cooking in the kitchen or I am at the grocery store and not sure if I added all the ingredients to my list like I thought.

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