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If you do think that everything in your life needs to be organized choose one thing to focus on. Avoid filling out common activities that will clutter your calendar, but things that you have firm plans to actually do. Keep your to-do list someplace you will see it often, to remind you of the tasks you have to accomplish. Get organizational storage containers, folders, and boxes to help your place stay organised. Thinking about doing the things on your lists is not the same as doing the things on your list. This could include classes, your work schedule, doctors appointments, and major events such as weddings and funerals.
The step up from the calendar is the handheld planner; an ultra organised list of daily activities.
Ticking off the boxes as you work through your day will give you a visual reminder of your hard work, and leave you feeling fulfilled and proud of your work. Possibly the toughest item on the list, procrastinating is a major detriment to organizing your life. When you wake up, eat a good breakfast, shower or wash your face, get dressed, and put on your shoes. If you find that your time is short and schedule is full, consider dropping less important things from your daily plans. You can buy items designated for organized storage from many department and furniture stores, or you can make your own using things like cups, shoe boxes, and dishes.

Think of 5 things that you want to be big things in your life, such as studying, exercise, healthy eating, relaxation, working, sleep etc.. List all the days in the month ahead down the page and across the top put the 5 things that you want your days to be split up into. Say to yourself if I get 100 boxes ticked then 'I will go out to the cinema with all my friends'. Although the thought of a planner may seem silly, it is consistently used by organised people. In order to stay organised, keep it in your purse, your car, on your desk, somewhere that you will remember to grab it. However, think of your to-do list as breaking down your day into even smaller, more manageable pieces. This can be done in your planner or in another generalized notebook that you keep with you. Instead of resigning items to a certain room or area, keep track of a very specific location for everything in your home. Make these organizational pieces a bit more attractive with a coat of paint or a covering of fabric. Sort through the things that constantly give you clutter and determine how useful it is to you. Although this is tied to procrastination, you can make your list of things to clean and organise more manageable by presenting yourself with smaller tasks. Well get out your handy label maker (or use a classic marker) and label everything you have.

Whenever you create plans for an event, are assigned a project for work or school, or need to keep track of tasks and errands, mark them in your planner. This will change your mental perspective; by getting ready and making yourself presentable to the world, you have set yourself up for success.
Writing down your errant thoughts will not only remove them from your mind (and thus declutter your conscience), but also place them in a place that you can return back to later without forgetting.
Choose a single item - such as dusting - and give yourself a specific time and day to do it.
For example, if your going for dinner with your parents, don't plan out your meal or visit, if you do plan everything out your nice times with family will be a totally scripted thing.
To start organizing your life, you need to acknowledge the cause and make a decision to change it.
Give yourself some clear direction with short, easy tasks (like clean the kitchen, scrub the toilets, and run one mile). Then work only on throwing out unnecessary items that are taking up space in that section of your life.

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