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However, the more confidence you have, in business and in life, the more action you’ll take and action is what produces results. You’ll learn the 3 common mistakes most business owners make that keep them from getting more clients and powerful, but easy to implement, strategies to avoid them, recoup more of your time, and learn how to spend it more wisely to get more clients and more results.
I was looking for some tips to boost my confidence and the tips given in this post are very relevant and helpful to tackle my situation.

True confidence is difficult to master and evolves from putting genuine work into achieving something meaningful to you. When you're having confidence problems, visualize your “ideal self” and how you want the world to perceive you. In fact, it may be true that business owners, because they take risks, suffer periods of low self-confidence more often than the average person.

The more you know about a certain area—whether it is your business or yourself—the easier it is to be confident.

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