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The benefits of meditating are much touted by those already undertaking daily or regular meditation. A scented candle, a bouquet of flowers, or incense can be great little touches to enhance your meditation experience. Keep your mouth closed as you breathe.[4] You should both inhale and exhale through your nose when meditating. Meditating before bed will help your brain start shutting down and will make you feel more relaxed. Focusing on your breath or chanting a mantra like OM is common, but if you prefer listening to music while meditating, only listen to calm songs. Be wary of any organization asking you for large amounts of money upfront to learn meditation. Meet Daniel, a wikiHow author, editor, and Admin from Belgium who has been involved in the community for over 2 years. Meet Lojjik, a college student and wikiHow Admin and Booster, who has been active in the community for over 8 years. The practice of loving kindness or goodwill meditation is an excellent tool for breaking down barriers as well as restoring humanity and kindness when your mind feels like a battlefield. The relevance of the practice of goodwill meditation is simply that it can tame our emotions and develop the mind to being more humane and more wise. In all our relationships, such as our relationship with ourselves, with our family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers and our intimate-other, metta can help us gain more patience and insight into our interactions, as well as understand how best to live. People have different reasons for wanting to meditate: quelling the internal chatter, getting to know oneself better, finding calm and a sense of grounding, enforced restful contemplation, or tying it to one's faith.
People come to meditation for a wide range of reasons — whether to improve their creativity, help visualize a goal, quiet their inner chatter, or make a spiritual connection. You don’t want anything to pull you out of your meditative thinking, so avoid restrictive clothing that might pull on you, like jeans or tight pants.
When you’re more familiar with meditation, you might use it to calm you down when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed. You want to ensure you practice your meditation for long enough, but you also don’t want to break your concentration by checking the time. In the media, we often see people holding their hands at their knees when meditating, but if that’s uncomfortable for you, don’t worry about it.

It doesn’t matter if your eyes are opened or closed when you meditate, though many people find it easier to block out visual distractions with closed eyes. When you’re in a comfortable position and are ready to get started, set your timer for however long you’d like to meditate.
Some people like to focus on how the lungs expand and contract, while others like to think about how air passes through the nose when they breathe. Even when you’ve gained a lot of experience with meditation, you’ll find that your thoughts might wander. A song could be calming at first but then change into rock in the middle––this is not appropriate, as it interrupts the meditating process.
Roll with it––it's teaching you as much about yourself as the more peaceful side of meditation. There are many people who enjoy the benefits of meditation and will be more than happy to help you for free.
Most meditation is not more complicated than sitting quietly and breathing, when you get right down to it. One of the most difficult things about meditation when you're just getting started is the issue of what to do. He has started 32 articles, patrolled over 48,600 edits, and contributed to wikiHow code as an engineering intern.
The styles of posture are examined more in detail on the Do Mindful Meditation page to help you choose the right one for you.
Being kind to yourself makes yourself able to continue the meditation without feeling stingy as it acts like fuel. Condemning yourself is not what this is about, but its surprising how hard this meditation can be to do for beginners, or those with much deep seated unhappiness. Whatever your reason for wanting to meditate, it can be daunting to know how to begin and how to stay motivated. If your only goal is to spend a few minutes every day being present in your body without worrying about everything you have to do, that’s reason enough to meditate.
By focusing all of your concentrating on your inhalations and exhalations, you’ll find that all other thoughts from the outside world fall away on their own, without you having to worry about how to ignore them.
If you share your home with roommates or family members, you may find it difficult to find a quiet space where you can focus on meditation.

When you’re starting out, meditate when you already feel relaxed — perhaps first thing in the morning, or after you’ve had to unwind after school or work. In fact, some would say that this continual return to the present moment is the "practice" of meditation. His favorite article he’s worked on is How to Install Software in Ubuntu, and his proudest achievement has been becoming an Admin.
By building your practice with good sitting techniques and right-mindedness, you can stop worrying about "doing it right" and start meditating deeply. Eventually, as you practice meditation, you'll notice the thoughts that come and go from your mind. He’s most proud of his work on How to Reduce Glare when Driving at Night, which has been featured and translated into 5 different languages. Its best to do what works for you be it sitting on a chair or a cushion, although pacing back and forth is more challenging as you need to stay alert in your walking and at the same time practice the meditation.
At its core, meditation is just about relaxing and refusing to be caught up in everyday anxieties.
Ask the people you live with if they would be willing to keep quiet for the duration of your meditation exercise. He appreciates that wikiHow is a great place to connect and collaborate with others, and overall have fun while doing it.
Zazen meditation suggests that you place your left hand in your right hand, palms up and place your left thumb on top of your right thumb, as if you were cradling an egg. He says that, in the wikiHow community, the fusion of friendly people with an ideology of knowledge philanthropy gives him a sense of belonging, a desire to stay connected and keep growing the project. Keep coming back to meditation every day for at least a few minutes, lengthening your sessions when possible.

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