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The inspiration that many individuals have been meditation is a welcoming neighborhood devoted to bringing the Buddha's got here up with massage.


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There are several different ways to meditate that can really help your day to day life and functionality.
When you learn proper meditation techniques, you can unlock certain parts of your mind and body that you did not even know were accessible. Rather than join the growing list of people who rely on prescription medication to keep their emotions, learn meditation so that you can keep agitation at bay. Meditation gives you a chance to tap into your natural energy reserves, so that negativity cannot sap your strength.2.
Creates a Healthier LifestyleOnce you learn meditation and start to become accustomed to living a certain way, you will become motivated to change other aspects of your lifestyle.
Those who meditate are far less likely to consume junk food and allow themselves to become sedentary. Lets face it, we all need the right tools for the job at hand, and the NEO MEDITATION CUBE is just that, a tool.

Slows The Aging ProcessThose who learn meditation and participate on a regular basis are able to rewire their brain from a a physiological standpoint. Studies have shown that a person who meditates has an increased amount of brain cells, as compared to their counterparts who do not meditate. Decreased Blood PressureWhen you learn meditation, you increase your body's overall level of relaxation. WIth the NEO MEDITATION CUBE, the control over your meditation time is completely in your hands. Great for home meditation rooms, yoga studios, closets, or even inside a large wood pyramid. You can place this on your chakras or near your pineal gland while meditating, however just like the Neo you shouldn't touch your crystal skull while meditating. It contains precious metals including platinum, gold, and silver which allow users to harmonize with these high vibration frequencies for a super charged meditation experience.

Skullem is Mayan for God's Light, the more you meditate with your Skullem the more chi you can feel. This unique combination was designed by the 'Wonderman of Europe' Saint Germain to enhance manifestation through meditation.
This cube contains a circuit that harnesses chi energy from the quantum matrix and transfers it into your body during meditation with the sports performance bracelet. This unit also contains a USB charging stick which produces a quantum energy that seems to influence electrical devices based on your thoughts and desires. Great for advanced meditation practitioners and those seeking to unlock the cosmic codes of other dimension, realms, and realities.

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