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For everything you think you’ve lost or all the things that haven’t gone your way, there are thousands of things you’ve gained. The following law of attraction tips will help you to manifest your desire quickly and effortlessly. You have to know what’s going on with you and be willing to take the time to establish a strong connection to your soul.
It all depends on where you put your attention (remember what you focus on expands) and it’s up to you to find the gift. That might sound harsh, but the universe is friendly (promise!) and will always give you whatever is for your highest good (though you may not realize it until much later).

This ensures your desires are coming from you and not what someone else has told you you should do, be or have. When you know who you are and why you’re here, you’ll know, without a shadow of a doubt, you do create your reality and you can have everything you want (you deserve it)! What I love about having a coach (and being a coach!) is they often see where you hold yourself back and will empower you to rewrite your story the way you want it. When you choose to uplift other people, you’ll feel a sense of purpose and joy that’ll raise your vibration too.
By getting crystal clear about what you want and acting as if you already have it, you bring its essence into your energy field.

When you can connect with the essence or the true reason you want something and look for evidence of it already being present within you and your life, you can attract your desires much more easily (and joyfully)!

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