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Regardless of your life circumstances, if you’re in a marriage or relationship and you want to maintain it and make it better-you must BOTH figure out how to make it a priority. I don’t have kids so I cannot personally speak to how much time and energy they tend to eat up (literally and figuratively) from your relationship. It’s first important to define this so that you can know whether or not you are meeting your intention of making your marriage a priority.
You can always make more money; you can always binge watch hours of Full House later (don’t pretend like your crush on Uncle Jesse ever wavered) and I’m sure those dishes will eventually get washed. What I have seen and heard from couples that have chosen to have kids is that when they continue to make their marriage a priority, the whole family benefits.

What you cannot get more of and what you are not guaranteed is your time- so spend it with the person you love the most.
If you’re having a problem and or an issue, keep it between the two of you and seek out professional counseling to address it and work through it. Maybe your days are spent at an exhausting and demanding job, you have small humans that require your attention, or you’re starting a business together and trying to juggle life partnership with business partnership and sometimes it’s a disaster-ship (I made that ‘ship’ up). When you start speaking ill or complaining about your partner to others, it can start making their view of your spouse negative. It also tends to have a snowball effect and can make matters worse when the two of you talk about the issue later.

What I would encourage you to do is have more intention and be present when you speak those powerful words to your partner because I am assuming you don’t throw those around lightly (and if you do…you may want to reconsider that).
Take a moment to bring yourself to the moment, meet their eyes and feel the love that you are expressing to your partner.

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