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More often, you would see green tea or green tea extracts piled together with other weight loss supplements in the market. There has been a lot of fuss about the benefits of green tea to people who are trying to lose weight. If you blame your appetite on your unending or uncontrolled craving for food, then green tea and weight loss may just be what you need. Over the past few years, green tea and its connection with weight loss has long been the center of various clinical studies. Studies show that the relation between green tea and weight loss are substantially linked together through the plant’s thermogenic properties. A standardized weight loss herbal extract of pure green tea is needed in order to maximize the weight loss benefits of green tea. These non-standardized green tea weight loss products are cheaper but do not contain enough active green tea substances to have any significant weight loss benefits. Scientists and traditional herbalists believe that better weight loss results are achieved when green tea is used in conjunction with other weight loss herbs and with other nutrients. Green tea when combined with ginger and olive leaf helps lower cholesterol and promotes weight loss. Green tea does contain Caffeine as with any regular tea, however the amount is so inconsequential that it is unlikely to cause any major side effects and with the vast amount of benefits demonstrated by drinking a daily cuppa of Green tea we really can’t think of any better reason to kick the habit and instead, make Green tea your drink of choice.
A research study by American and Swiss scientists on the weight loss benefit of green tea was concluded and the results of which were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Urology.
Thrice everyday, the researchers measured their subjects’ energy expenditure (the measurement used in determining the number of calories burned in 24 hours) and monitored their respiration quotient to find out how well they utilized their carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. When they interpreted the data they collected, they found out that the men receiving regular dosages of green tea extract showed a significant increase in their 24-hour energy expenditure and a reduction in their respiration quotient (which means that more fat is burned, thereby achieving maximum weight loss). The scientists construed that the substance catechin polyphenol present in green tea adds to its weight loss benefit.

In their conclusion, the scientists inferred that green tea owes its weight loss benefit to the presence of antioxidants and the substance catechin polyphenol.
Gugulipid for instance has been shown to augment the metabolic rate of the body and help with thermogenesis, thus leading to weight loss.
Derived from a Japanese plant, Maitaki helps promote weight loss by targeting the liver, which is a major digestive part of the body. The market offers several green tea weight loss products that do not use standardized extract. So before buying a green tea weight loss product, it is advisable that you choose a product that contains a rich blend of green tea herbs, minerals and nutrient that aid in weight loss.
The scientists have found that green tea contains several antioxidants which are responsible for many of green tea’s health benefits, including weight loss benefit.
During the course of their study, they have found that green tea contains certain compounds that contribute to its weight loss benefit. Abdul Dulloo said in a press release that there are only two ways to achieve weight loss – either reduce energy intake or increase energy expenditure.
These substances in green tea may alter how the body uses the hormone norepinephrine which is responsible for increasing the metabolism rate, thus leading to weight loss. Green tea extract has been proven in studies that it increases thermo genesis and weight loss. Weight loss from green tea is due primarily to increasing, +4%, energy expenditure on a daily basis. Most overweight people suffer from hypertension or other cardiovascular problems and the findings of green tea weight loss is becoming a phenomenon. It is a simple, easy and inexpensive way to incorporate into a standard weight loss program. If you are addicted to a dose of caffeine in the morning but want those calories off your diet, then green tea and weight loss brew is right for you.

Certain substances in green tea are believed to help in the body’s thermogenesis, thus contributing to weight loss.
By mixing green tea with CoQ 10, you will not only achieve maximum weight loss but you will also be able maintain the health of several body systems at one time.
Green tea, it seems, has compounds that can increase the body’s normal metabolism rate, thus giving it its weight loss benefit. They theorized that the main contributor to green tea’s weight loss benefit is its caffeine content.
Almost everyone knows that green tea has powerful antioxidants, but now it may help in actual weight loss from green tea extract. The fact that the heart rate is not stimulated, as it is when ingesting diet pills, qualifies it as 100% safe for weight loss programs.
Losing the weight is the most important issue and if green tea is the component that makes it work for you, than green tea weight loss is a success. Green tea and weight loss can still be an option for people who have health concerns when it comes to taking in caffeine.
The weight loss from green tea is a safe alternative to traditional diet drugs in particular because it does not increase the heart rate. However, with instantly ageless , you will start seeing the results not in weeks or days, but within a few minutes of applying it.
In short, green tea revs up your metabolism and thus decreases your chances of gaining more weight. The animals in the study had both reduced food intake and reduced body weight with tuber fleece flower supplementation.

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