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Kate says she wasn’t always so confident, but seeing how well-received she was by the public and how inspired her body made other women feel, that helped her realize her calling.
There are so many campaigns these days featuring anyone other than the stock-standard Victoria’s Secret-type model, and it is showing greater representation of what real fashion customers look like. You’d be surprised at how many top models today are forced to work against the stigma in the industry. Her unique skin tone, features and freckles are stunning to look at, but she told Huffpost Style recently that discrimination still exists in the industry, which is probably why consumers are so easily accustomed to balking at someone different-looking. So, in order to avoid the bad experience, one needs to look very confident during the interview.

This will make you confident enough and will give you the impression of giving an interview.2. Just answer by making an eye contact with the interviewer as it will depict the confidence level in you.
If your hand will shiver it will directly show that you are feeling nervous and not at all confident.
Be fully prepared with the queries you ask: If in case you want to ask some queries or want some advice, then prepare for that well because again fumbling while putting forth the queries will show that you are not at all confident. Preparation beforehand is good as it opens one’s mind and also one can prepare little about how to speak and answer the queries in a smart manner.

Pretend them with your body language, speaking skills, fluency that you are not at all nervous, instead confident enough.
So, having perfection towards the body language, communication skills are the first step to look confident.15. Some of the basic points to make yourself confident are taking a deep breath, having proper breakfast, lunch etc.

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