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Martial Arts in The Sims 3 is tied very heavily to the Athletic skill for fighting and fatigue, so Sims with the Athletic trait will benefit greatly. The Adventure Tracker is a great tool to assist your Sims when carrying out adventures in foreign lands. There are statues in tombs that can be pushed or pulled by Sims in order to advance further into the tomb or solve puzzles. Some puzzles may require your Sims to push the statues in such a way to clear a path to a door or floor switch. Other puzzles may require your Sims to push statues onto floor switches in order to make them permanently activated. Statues can also be pushed onto floor traps to disarm them, which makes it safe for Sims to cross the traps! Some dive wells will lead to other dive wells, which allows Sims to gain access to previously closed off or hidden areas. You can start learning the Photography Skill once your Sim has a Camera in their inventory. Some tombs will have small holes in the wall or floor for brave Sims to stick their arms into. Foreign locations have markets for Sims to socialize and purchase wares from local merchants.

The local food merchant sells a variety of delicious foods, ingredients, and lets Sims sample new recipes! While some information and learning can occur through the reading of books on the subject, most choose to learn by doing.
As martial artists develop, they often turn to spiritual meditation in search of inner balance.
If, when arriving at your destination, a Sim in your party owns a vacation home, you will be prompted to select where you would like your Sims to arrive. Giant boulders are immovable inconveniences that prevent Sims from entering special tombs or secret treasure rooms.
Treasure Chests might also trigger special events in tombs to help your Sims on their adventures.
Tombs contain secret passages and hidden crevices to prevent adventuring Sims from discovering lost treasures. Unfortunately, Woohooim is harder to collect.Master the art of Martial Arts and the Sims 3 World Adventures' Mummies will pose no threat to you! Sims can also pre-emptively jump into a dive well to soak themselves in order to pass safely through a fire trap. This merchant only accepts Ancient Coins, however, and at times only does business with Sims who have a high Visa Level!

Mummies are incredibly strong and will most likely leave your Sims passed out on the ground. However, certain attributes like your amount of family funds and your Sims’ Visa levels will affect where and for how long you are able to travel. Tombs are filled with riches and ancient relics for Sims to complete their own private museums.
For example, Soaked Sims can walk through fire traps, and water from a Steam trap can disarm a Fire trap! The imagination is an INCREDIBLY powerful tool, especially when you learn how to implement your own placebo effect. Most people won’t, they will dwell over the short-term failure never to realize that they can learn, and improve, rather than remain stagnant.

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