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So by the end of our hiking trip, I decided that it was finally time for me to learn German. After I came home from the trip, I started doing research on what is the best and fastest way to learn a new language.
The tweet lead me to Zenhabit’s “How to Learn a Language in 90 Days”, a guest post written by Maneesh Sethi, and it inspired me to take on the “Learn German in 3 Months Challenge”! Below are the five hacks that I discovered throughout my challenge and how you can apply them to your language learning, too. I thought, either Julia did not translate the word “pretend” or Papa completely ignored it because it didn’t feel very nice, but at least he had a good time. After I decided to take on the Learn German in 3 Months Challenge, to make it even more fun and interesting, I told Papa about it. Little did I know, creating a big enough stake with some pain and fun (P & F) became the driving force and the motivation for me to grind through the ups and downs of learning a new language during my 3 month challenge. In the Meta Learning section of Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Chef,  “stake” is one of the foundations of his four-part formula on how to become world-class in just about anything in six months or less. Three months is a very short time to learn a new language from scratch, so everything I do around language learning has to be effective and consistent. About halfway through my challenge, I noticed that I was very consistent with certain tasks but not so consistent with others. For example, I was consistently showing up on time to meet with my language partners to practice speaking German, but I was not consistently memorizing 30 German phrases a day. Since learning new phrases and vocabulary is a huge part of learning a new language, I had to figure out how I can get myself to nail 30 phrases every day. I already know that I have amazing Mac software called Genius that works simply and effectively (and recommended by Maneesh), so the tool is not the problem.
I started this 22 days before my conversation with Papa in German and I did it 20 out of 22 days, including Saturday and Sunday…which was a hell of a lot more consistent than the previous 2 months and imagine if I did this from Day 1! So I jumped on Mixxer (again recommended by Maneesh!), a free website for language exchanges via Skype on Day 9. After using Mixxer for 5 minutes, I found a language partner from Germany and we started practicing right away!

Practicing speaking German was a big part of the plan and I definitely would not get have gotten very far without my awesome language partners. Monika is a friend who is a German teacher living close by us in Austria. She watched our video about why I took on the Learn German in 3 Months Challenge and she was so stoked about it, she made EVERY SINGLE ONE of her students watch my video in class. 12 of her students then created a project to teach me German twice a week in the last month of my challenge to help me accomplish my goal of speaking with Papa on Day 91.
Benny Lewis created this awesome site called Fluent In 3 Months on unconventional methods of language learning and a really great forum where people around the world can post and update their progress on their language challenge (He calls it “Language Mission”).
Finally, I wouldn’t have started this challenge if I didn’t see Tim Ferriss’ tweet, which led me to Zenhabits and the “How to Learn a Language in 90 days” post written by Maneesh. At the end of the day, our end goal is to use a new language to connect with new people, so involving people in your language learning journey will do nothing but wonders for you. And when sh*t hits the fan, use the hacks in this post to help you figure out how to get yourself back on track and continue to turn your worthwhile goal into reality one step at a time. Brian and Julia are developing Genius+, an iOS app based on Genius, the Mac software which helped Brian to memorize German phrases in his 3 months challenge. Hello guys, as it is relevant to this article I would also like to share with you my web application for learning German vocabulary.
I am building this new site call “One Challenge at a time”, anyone can start a challenge, set start and end date, write down whats at stakes, update their progress and get support from the community, well thats how I envision it at least =) Here is the beta version, you can give it a try when you are ready to learn Punjab!
I think another aspect to memorizing the words vs meeting your language partner is that memorizing the words is a goal that leaves the process open whereas meeting the partner is a process that is straightforward to do because you already know how to do that. Some language sounds like melody to me and some language, like German, just don’t and I still manage to learn it to communicate with my Papa. Yes, Anki is great and it comes with free downloadable German vocabulary – a great add-on for language studies!

I do recommend Anki to others if they don’t have a Mac, but if you have a Mac, at least give Genius a try (its free) because its more effective in learning and memorizing.
I announced that I will learn and memorize 30 German phrases a day with Genius and broad-cast it LIVE  to the public at 9 am everyday.
If you would like to help Brian and Julia beta test Genius+ and get updates on language learning tips, you can sign up here.
Most of them tend to be rife having spelling difficulties we to find that very bothersome to share with reality however , I’ll unquestionably go back just as before. I’ve always wanted to learn a new language but always put it off thinking it would be too hard and take too long.
I am taking german lessons at my school two times a week, I find german a really interesting language. My wife’s family is from the Punjab so even though her first language is English (being born in the UK) the family usually converse in Punjabi. However if you paid the students based on attendance then the attendance increased because students knew how to increase attendance and as a by-product their grades did increase. American husband unable to learn German in a German speaking country (Austria!) merried to a German speaking wife (Austrian)… Brian, if you and your wife want to get in contact with us shoot an email! I’ve made small attempts to learn a few phrases but I think if I really made the effort maybe I could take huge leaps in 3 months.

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