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With just eight questions (each with eight answers), the quiz only takes a few minutes to complete. For those who believe their soulmate is someone who thinks and acts just like they do, or anyone who is sick of swiping right on Tinder while searching for love, there is now a website dedicated to helping you find your perfect match with a simple questionnaire.Newly-launched matchmaking website 8^8 asks users to answer eight basic questions, ranging from how you would act a party to what you would do if you were gifted $100,000.
Seeking a soulmate: FEMAIL reporter Erica Tempesta (pictured) has been with her boyfriend Chris (pictured right) for eight years, but was still intrigued by the idea of finding her perfect match via the websiteWhether or not you actually believe in soulmates, it is difficult to turn down the idea of one, when he or she is only eight questions away.
Terrible odds: According to 8^8, it is extremely unlikely that you will come across your soulmate in your lifetime, and the person who answers the quiz the same way you did is most like to be your match Before taking the quiz, 8^8 has you do a quick security check to make sure you are a human and not a robot, which makes sense.
This means that your so-called soulmate could very well be in the form of a best friend and either gender—not necessarily someone who is compatible with you in a more complementary way.

So, FEMAIL set out to see what 8^8 is all about - especially after learning that the site claims it is highly unlikely that you already know your match. I used to relish in the idea of soulmates when I was a romance obsessed teen, but I stopped believing in them somewhere around year three of a nearly eight-year relationship because I learned true partnerships are about love, respect - and arguing over who does the dishes. Although I believe, 8^8 should have paying off your student loans as an option for the question that asks what would you do with $100,000.Before I knew it, the test was over and finishing it was sadly anticlimactic. Essentially, the results will be skewed and you might get paired up with your drunk alter-ego, which should be a terrifying thought for almost everyone. You also shouldn't be doing anything that is distracting like chatting with your co-worker or binge watching Netflix. And the site notes that even if we did try to get to know a thousand new people every day it would take more than 45 years to get through 16,777,216 people. Dating sites are designed to get as many people hooked up as possible: success in the dating niche is measured by how many unions there are, not by how meaningful the unions are,' the site explains.

I am at least guaranteed to be amused when 8^8 sends me that my soulmate has been found weeks, months or most likely in my case a decade from now.  8^8 SOULMATE QUIZ  1.
The key to being successful in life is - Dedicating oneself to improving skills and gaining knowledge- Learning how to manage and lead teams- Hard work, diligence, and patience- Recognizing and seizing opportunities by taking bold risks- Meeting the right people - Knowing how to find happiness in any situation - Making the right deals, rejecting the wrong ones - Loving oneself and other people equally 6.

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