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The words that we speak influence our feeling, personality, moods, self-confidence and our life experiences. When you use these affirmations to declare who you are or want to be, you will feel more empowered, boost self-esteem and develop self-confidence.
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As we continue our study of Think and Grow Rich we come across the Self-confidence Formula.

This is possibly the most powerful self-help program ever to be made available today and additionally includes a comprehensive 24 week mentoring course by email that is designed to accelerate your learning and keep you on track to achieving all your goals. The world is waiting for you to confidently claim your power, potential and contribution because the World needs you to be living and giving your full purpose! Key Seventeen brings you into the empowering moment of harnessing your true power within to change every aspect of your self and life for the better. Learn why and how your beliefs are holding you back, what you can do about it and how You Can build Belief in Yourself.

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