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Make a plan for how many hours a day you're allowed to play at the most, if you choose not to go cold turkey. Do this until you get to a point where you don't need to play or feel that it's your only outlet for fun. If you want to go cold turkey, you can try uninstall your games or move it to a Flash Drive and lock it somewhere until you could get out from your addiction. Consider getting a therapist if you find that it is overwhelmingly difficult to deal with on your own with friends.
You may use a USB stick or an external hard drive to store your important information - both of these are available at electronics stores. Formatting a hard drive is irreversible and will essential make your computer a "blank slate" - free of not just your personal data but of basically all data - so make absolutely sure you're done with your computer before doing this. You may also wish to physically remove certain parts of the computer, like the hard drive or video card, so that you can use them in the future, but only remove parts from the inside of your computer if you're confident you can do so safely or you have access to experienced help.
Several free open-source programs exist that allow you to convert your old computer into a server. If your computer is so old as to be rare or remarkable, you may actually be able to sell (or donate) it to a computer museum where it will be preserved for its role in history. Also be open to the possibility of selling your computer's parts, rather than the entire machine. Be extra careful when giving your computer to a stranger, as you have no way of knowing whether they have malicious intentions or not.
However, note that not all manufacturers behave equally ethically when disposing of old computers.
However, note that, like computer manufacturers, some e-waste recycling and disposal companies have less-than-stellar business practices.
In order to wipe the data yourself, download software that permanently deletes and overrides your data.
If you really want to be sure the data on the hard drive is safe, whack the platters with a hammer so they cannot be spun.
If you choose to recycle your obsolete computer because it is faulty or beyond re-use, check with your nominated recycling company to ensure that they physically recycle the equipment themselves and that in doing so, your equipment will not be exported to another continent as a working unit.
Meet Colie, a wikiHow editor from the US who has been part of the community for over five years. However, things you do for fun can become something that takes over your life, and become an addiction. Remember that computer games should be played on your free time, so consider where free time be on your list. Realizing that you have a problem, along with seeing the effects of the problem, gives you an advantage. Some people can't get over an addiction unless they stop completely, while cold turkey actually makes it worse for someone else.
If you set it at a point in the future, such as "next Monday", you can prepare yourself and motivate yourself. It's easy to feel the urge to get up and play if your computer is in the living room or your bedroom, so if you have another room to put it in, move it there. If you prefer a game where the objectives end totally or result in an extremely lacking 'free' mode, think about how dull the game will be then. Friends are important in life: they're there to support you, they're a source of advice, and later in life, those connections can even help you get a job. When you get to a place where you realize that computer games are something you do in your free time, as opposed to something you push other things aside for, you've made an important accomplishment. You may want to warn your friends and family about this in case you become irritable and lash out at them.
She enjoys editing new articles, patrolling recent changes, and interacting in the wikiHow forums. Like many electronics, computers contain heavy metals that can become environmental hazards when disposed of improperly. Once your computer is gone, it's (most likely) gone forever, so be sure that you've made copies of any and all files on the computer that you'll need in the future.

Additionally, a storage method that's become available in the last few years is the use of cloud drives, which can be free to casual users with the registration of an account.
Once your important information has been backed up, it's wise to delete it from the computer so that future users or identity thieves can't access it. If you don't believe your computer has reached the end of its life, take this opportunity to give it a fresh start by thoroughly cleaning it. An option related to the one above is to use your computer not as storage space for new files, but, rather, as a backup for your new computer.
Another method for getting some use out of an old computer is to install an operating system with exceptionally low system requirements. Depending on the wireless capabilities of your old machine, you may be able to re-purpose it as a wireless router so that you're able to enjoy internet on your smartphone, tablet, or another computer.
All that you need to make a posting on an online auction site like eBay are the technical specification of your computer and a few pictures for good measure. Before you throw your computer out, ask around to see if any of your friends are looking for an older computer. Your old computer may be insufficient for your purposes, but, to someone who's not used to modern computers, it may seem borderline-miraculous.
Many organizations that exist primarily for the public good have programs to make use of older computers. When all else fails, giving a functional computer to a complete stranger is still better than putting it in a landfill. Be absolutely sure that any personal information has been removed from the computer before giving it away. Today, most computer manufacturers offer some sort of end-of-life disposal service for their products.
Some ship computer waste to landfills in the developing world, where it becomes an environmental and health hazard for the local community.
Some companies, such as Dell and HP, now offer to recycle your old computer for free when you buy a new one from them. Today, many independent companies exist for the purpose of processing, recycling, and disposing of computer waste.
Before disposing of your computer, consider whether you have any uses for the case, accessories, or any internal components.
Computers are not biodegradable, and your contribution of an unwanted PC will seriously damage the environment. Because of the way digital data is organized on hard drives, any data you delete isn't actually gone until it gets overwritten, sometimes multiple times. A good example of this is Darik's Boot & Nuke, although there are others that will do the job just as well. And no, "shred it" isn't some fancy hacker buzzword; they literally feed it into what amounts to a mega-wood-chipper.
This way, you will not be adding to the mountains of waste that have been exported to other continents for unethical recycling. She loves to write articles (she has started nearly 60 of them herself!), fix grammar mistakes, organize and revamp articles, and help other wikiHowians. Try going to bed earlier each day, but not so early that you'll just lay in bed staring at the ceiling.
However, it's important to make sure you are trying to improve, not just pushing the envelope on how much sympathy you can get.
Her favorite article she’s worked on is How to Keep Cats Out of the House, and her favorite article on wikiHow is How to Care for a New Cat. Additionally, computers often contain a wealth of personal information in the form of passwords, account numbers, and the like that no user wants to fall into the wrong hands. Deleting data by putting it in the recycle bin or your computer's equivalent can actually leave it on your hard drive in a form that's possible for savvy individuals to recover. Basically, your reconfigured computer will act as shared storage for the other computers in your home. In other words, keep it around so that you'll have a functional replacement for your new computer if it should break or suffer an error.

This allows you to continue using the computer for certain minor purposes - basic word processing, web browsing, simple games, etc. You may be surprised to discover that people out there are actually willing to pay money for relatively old machines.
Tech-savvy people sometimes reconfigure old computers for use as file servers or e-mail stations.
Contact a local school, church, youth organization, non-profit, or charity and ask if they're willing to find a use for your old computer.
You might try putting a sign on your computer saying something along the lines of "Free old computer - good for parts or case," and leaving it by the curb on a dry afternoon.
If you're unable to find someone to take your computer off your hands or your computer is in a non-functional condition, consider contacting the manufacturer for safe disposal options. Before handing your computer over to your manufacturer, try to research it's ethical record with regards to computer recycling and disposal.
If you have yet to buy your new computer and you're interested in purchasing from the same company as before, consider this option, as it allows you to leave the process of finding a responsible means of disposal to the experts while (possibly) receiving a discount on your new computer. For instance, if disposing of several computers of the same model, you might consider using the cases as oversize building blocks for a makeshift bookcase or wall of cubbyholes. Before you get rid of your computer, either remove the hard drive and mount it in a case to use as a spare external, wipe the drive yourself using software made for that purpose, or destroy the hard drive.
If you have problems deciding how high of a priority something is, look at what you've done in the past. Luckily, there are several easy methods that allow you to shed that space-wasting old computer without harming the environment or exposing yourself to the possibility of fraud. This means that, usually, rendering your computer completely free of personal information requires formatting its hard drive.
Be sure to pay attention to the gaps in between keys on the keyboard, which can become disgusting with long-term use. This option is a great idea for homes with several computers that all need to access the same data.
If you choose to do this, you will not even need to remove your personal data from the computer - you can just disconnect it and leave it in the closet until it's needed. If yours does, be sure that a firewall is installed for security purposes before using your computer as a router. For instance, certain types of hardware from the 80's and early 90's may be considered "vintage" and thus fetch a reasonable price from collectors. They may also be able to scrap your computer for parts, taking what they need and properly disposing of the rest. Old, slow computers are perfect for the types of basic tasks that elderly relatives are likely to be interested in. Search for local companies in your area - you may be able to dispose of your computer for free or may need to pay a disposal fee, depending on which types of services are available. Just make sure you've backed up your data before running this program, because there's no going back from here! She says that she’s learned communication and coaching skills through wikiHow, and enjoys the instant gratification of improving something and being productive online. If you're at the point where your gaming habits become an addiction, it's important to take a step back and look at what you're doing to yourself. It's also great in terms of energy efficiency, because, since the computer is acting solely as storage space, you won't need to use its monitor, keyboard, or speakers.
When you have time, try teaching him or her how to use e-mail and surf the web - you'll be doing him or her a favor and ensuring that your old computer isn't going to waste. For instance, some charities will recycle or refurbish computers, then give them to the poor, while others charities will send the computers to schools in undeveloped areas of the world. For a deep clean, open the computer's inner compartment and use compressed air to remove dust.

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