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According to popular memes that float around on Facebook, you can cure depression with hobbies, with chocolate, with yoga, meditation, and other things that aren’t proven to do jack shit. It’s been a long-term pet peeve of mine when people casually throw out ideas about how easy it is overcome emotional issues and mental health problems all without seeing a doctor, going to a therapist or taking medication.
The community also needs more education on what the illnesses are and what kinds of problems they can cause and how the average person can help.

A lot of people do not understand how serious conditions and illnesses like bipolar, depression, anxiety, etc can be so they treat them as seriously as they see them, which is not at all.
And once someone who is intimately acquainted with the struggle and agony of depression, hearing you say that you can cure that shit with a walk is not going to endear them to you.

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