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This is especially important if you’re hoping to get out of your current position and will be interviewing for jobs or starting a business. If you find yourself hunched over a desk, sinking into your chair during meetings, and generally skulking around the office, how you hold your body is the first change to make.
This sounds so trivial, but how you take care of the outside affects how you feel on this inside.
A lot of the time when we feel under-appreciated, we sit around waiting for someone to notice the good work we’re doing.
If you’re having one of those “I’m not good at anything!” spells, or if criticism from someone at work won’t leave your mind, it’s important get back on the confident and competent train.

Between sleepless nights, nappy changing and post-natal blues, getting back to work is often the last thing on the minds of new mothers.Fully immersing oneself in the world of new parenthood can be all-consuming. Your body language affects how others perceive you, but even more fascinating and important is that your body language shapes who you are. If it’s been awhile, get that haircut, mani-pedi, or whatever else you need to stand a little taller and feel more powerful when walking into a room. Your file can be digital or paper (or both!), but whenever you get a nice letter or email about your work, stash it in there.
Find something outside of work that you love or that challenges you, and work towards becoming awesome at it.

It really helps when I need to remind myself that my work has value and people appreciate me. When you practice and improve, you’ll be reminded that you are YOU, dammit, not just a worker bee, and that you can do challenging things.

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