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GCI provides service across all regions of Alaska.Please select your location from the menu below so we can display the plans and features available to your service region. Note: Beginning March 27, 2014, GCI will use the same platform for Wireless Voicemail and Landline Voicemail. All voicemail messages saved on the old voicemail platform will be available through Monday, June 30, 2014.

The first time you use your GCI Voice Mail follow the tutorial voice prompts, which will take you through the steps to set up your new mailbox.
GCI customers now have the option of managing their voicemail box and voicemail messages online.
If you have voicemail attached to your home phone, your mail box number will be your 10 digit home phone number.
If you have a standalone voice mailbox, your 10 digit mailbox number was given to you at the time you signed up for GCI voicemail.

Enter your temporary password (this is on the letter you received from GCI or if needed please contact GCI (1-800-800-4800) for this number). After logging in you will see features for a basic voicemail box.  Available features will depend on the type of voicemail box you have on your account.

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