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I like to workout in the morning before work but these ideas definitely apply there as well! I find the more that you do to make the process of getting to the gym as quick and painless as possible the better. Also, if it isn’t possible to get an entire workout in before work, you can do half in the AM and half in the PM- for busy clients, this is often more manageable than one longer workout session. If we think about lack of motivation as an effect, then let’s consider some possible cause(s). I have no secrets to getting that motivation mojo back, but I will provide some perspective to speed up its return. Look at what you’re expecting of yourself and make sure it makes sense for your current situation, goals, and level of fitness.
When motivation wanes, instead of throwing in the towel forever, find yourself a new towel. You may hear some artists say that they wait to be motivated by an inspiring idea to begin their work.
The most productive and prolific people don’t have more motivation or self-discipline than you. However, if you find yourself constantly dreading the times you show up without motivation, you might just like the idea of lettering more than the act of lettering itself. Ideally, you want to pick an idea far before you sit down to work so you may get work as quickly as possible. If you keep yourself motivated, you are more likely to stay committed and see your goal through. That means that my lunch and breakfast are already made the night before and that I have my workout clothes and work clothes already picked out and ready to go. I definitely need the motivation and a few of those are tips I hadn’t thought of before. I think that, if working out after work is your only option, packing your gym bag and taking it to work with you and hitting the gym before going home is the best plan- it saves time and seeing your gym bag parked under your desk all day may motivate you more.

So my main piece of advice, and the only thing that will get me to the gym after work is to have a healthy snack about 30 minutes before I leave work.
Because overtraining can cause motivation to wane, I need to figure out if I’m asking way too much.
However, the next time you feel inspired to work out, the inspiration alone isn’t enough to get you to work out. Though, once you’ve committed yourself, those frustrations should evolve into excitement. You want to remove as much resistance as possible from getting your ideas down in order to make things easier. Maybe at your desk at work, in your gym bag, on your mirror in your bathroom, in you refrigerator door. If you find yourself wanting to skip the gym because you are stressing about everything you have to do when you get home, ask for a little help.
Waking up an hour earlier to work out really isn’t an option for me, and the only time I do have during the week is after work.
If I forgot to bring food from home that morning to tide me over for my workout, I am definitely not making it to the gym that evening. Your motivation may not return with the flip of a switch, but you should be pointed in the right direction. And if you persist, like the true endurance athlete that I know you are, you will find your motivation mojo.
It takes using extra self-discipline to push you to work out because you’re now dealing with the added friction of being sore. The most prolific form habits to work on their craft regularly, so that motivation and self-discipline aren’t even a factor.
Lettering just might not be your passion right now, but it’s the perfect opportunity to find out what is. If you’re counting on yourself remembering your lettering idea and why you had it, you might as well forget it.

Whether it’s sticky notes, a notepad, or an app on your phone, keep it easy and use it consistently. The longer you think about what to work on, the more you’re going to keep yourself from even beginning. You want to achieve velocity of action as soon as possible, so you may give yourself a chance to actually get your idea out there. You can have a goal and a dream but you need daily motivation to keep you going and focused!
Maybe watch your go to motivational video, one that always hits home and resonates with you. Have your significant other agree to prepare a healthy dinner, help the kids with homework or with anything else you may want to rush home to do. The more chances you give yourself to not go, the more likely you are to opt out, so pack a bag and go right after work. I’m going to start bringing my gym bag with me and changing into workout clothes at the office. It’s so easy to make bad choices and then the food just sits in your stomach, and for me working out in the morning helps to waive that feeling. I could be going along just fine, doing my thing, but then something causes me to lose motivation. If you’re on your own, spend a little extra time in the morning or the night before to eliminate as many of your right-after-work responsibilities as possible. Ziglar was right, we need daily motivation to keep us on our toes and fired up about our goals!! The fact that I pay for the classes and that they are at a set time each week when I am expected to be there is a major motivation.

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