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Believing in soulmates is equivalent to believing in the existence of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy- people scoff and laugh at me. Some of us are too cynical to see the soul of others- to see past the ugly, sometimes broken, calloused, uninviting exterior- and walk past our soulmates and never know it. We can talk for hours nurturing each other, or not talk at all and simply find comfort in the presence of one another.

I hope everyone of my friends around the world that you have found " The One" or will find the special person in due time.And a Happy Valentines Day too everyone !!! For example, if, when the thought of our soul mate arises, we find ourselves lamenting the fact that that person is not yet in our life, or we picture ourselves alone and unhappy, that is the instruction we are sending out not only to the universe but to the people around us as well.

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