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This is the awesome guide to deciding what to do after college with feedback from the experts. I reached out to my circle of friends to see what wisdom they had to share with college graduates.
If I could do it all over again, one of my first financial goals would be to buy an apartment building on a fully amortizing, fixed rate mortgage while I was still living the apartment lifestyle. That allows you to deduct all your lifestyle costs as the onsite manager of the building, learn the ropes of running the building while you live there and can actively control costs, and you never experience a setback in lifestyle to do it since you are already living at that level. If you don’t know what you want to do, my advice is to not do what is expected, especially within the American culture, which is usually to get a job, and work the 9-5.
The best advice I can give is to continue living like you are in college, and take your time increasing your standard of living. I’ve seen a lot of young folks get into trouble with debt because they tried to copy the standard of living they had when they lived with their parents. After I graduated, one of the first things I did was spend a week hiking by myself through Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
If you’re thinking of getting your MBA, find a company that will pay something towards your tuition and books (partial or total) even if it means taking slightly less in salary. I drove nearly across the country to Yellowstone (where my friend, now with the EPA) took a summer job. I recommend they do 3 things: invest ASAP, learn to budget, and create a financial and life plan that they then build number 1 and 2 around! Then, after you’ve hit the essentials, budget in some money for fun and vacations and the like.
Pay Yourself First (Learn to live on 10% of your salary each month and your journey will be much easier). Invest in your employer-sponsored retirement plan (enough to be fully vested or 100% of the matching). Instructions you provided here will be very beneficial for those who want to design what they will do after graduation. Stick around and see how you can get to financial freedom (or have enough beer money for the weekends) in your 20s. If your submission gets published, you will have a legitimate source to cite on resumes and Linked In. In "Tour My Life," take a closer look into specific aspects of life after college through a photo gallery tour. What It's Really Like: Online Marketing in the SF Bay AreaRyen is an Internet Marketer living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
What It's Really Like: Media Advertising in New York City Emily is an Account Manager at a Media Advertising company in New York City - home to the leading advertising firms across the globe.
What It's Really Like: Financial Analysis in the SF Bay Area Tyler is a Senior Financial Analyst for a major technology company in the San Francisco Bay Area. What It's Really Like: Real Estate Consulting in Los Angeles Mike is a Consulting Analyst at a major Commercial Real Estate company in Los Angeles, California.

If this advice isn't consolation enough, consider the many success stories that began much later in life.
You may be interested in learning a new skill, and some jobs will require additional training or education, either now or in the future, Kahn points out. Be on the lookout for certification classes, online courses, seminars, or even graduate schools that could set you above the competition or help you explore out a different area of interest.
Be honest with yourself about the job experience you have to offer and at what level you can enter the fields you're considering, Kahn says.
I was fortunate enough to find full-time work in college and was able to finish school debt-free.
The amazing thing is that you will be financially independent or darn close with near certainty by your 40’s assuming a 20 year fully amortizing mortgage and you acquire enough units to support your lifestyle (2 or 3 four-plexes or similar). Just don’t let yourself get sucked into a boring routine of a job right after school. Being in such an environment might give you some ideas of what you’d rather be doing. I started College Info Geek as a freshman, and once I graduated, I simply stepped up my efforts and actually stayed in the same town to be around my girlfriend and friends. In fact, that can be the fastest path to living a life you’re not going to be happy with later on.
When you’re young and especially those first few years out of school, you can get away with a lot.
I continued via bus to Malibu, California where I had a college friend studying at Pepperdine Law School and stayed with her for a couple of weeks before heading back to NC and continuing my job search. Much easier to achieve what you want in life when you plan it out, then build your budget and investments around that plan! Whether it’s for an emergency fund or for a down payment on your first home, just start saving.
New workers tends to think about how many hours they have to work to spend on stuff — they will almost always spend more money than they should thinking that way. I’m going to update it every year or so with additional thoughts as I make more friends and figure out this life thing a little more.
The months and years immediately following college graduation are exciting yet scary at the same time, especially if you are having a hard time finding a job in your field. I’m in my senior year at college and actually stumbled upon this article as I was searching for ways to figure out what to do with my life.
Show off your prized posessions and collections to inspire others in the following areas: Apartment Stuff, Grocery Hauls, Closet Tours, and Cars. Here is your opportunity to be the star and influence others’ decisions for life after college. Learn about Tyler's career path, what he actually does, and tour of his life after college. See everything from cooking videos, to after college tips, exercise, movie reviews, and more!

These stories come from real college graduates who have experienced the same things as you! And Jon Hamm was working as a waiter at 29, not playing a philandering ad man trying to sleep with one. Then soak up as much as you can about what she does, the steps she took to get there, and any advice she can offer for success. This is the first time in your life where you’re actually on your own and responsible for everything.
Start a blog about something you’re really passionate about, clean up your social media, or have a presence on social media that shows employers or clients that you are knowledgeable and passionate on your subject. Wait until you get at least two paychecks and you realize how much money is left after all of the taxes, deductions and other things that come out. I got lucky getting a job 3 months out of college, after finishing the GRE, but look at my next point. So take it from me when I say these tips are essential, as are many of what has already been shared. There are a lot of opportunities with real estate if you are putting in the time and effort to learn the ropes.
If you want to move around or travel, it might be tough with a rental property or a home as primary residence. The biggest key for me to get out of my boring repetitive corporate job was having the right small circle of friends who all had the entrepreneurial mindset. View an example here: How To Get a Job, 9 Ways to Save Money After Graduating, How to Upgrade From Your College Ramen. You will have the ability to promote your company (provide a backlink, if you’d like). Then I realized that I couldn’t get mad with them because this is what happens after college. You don’t have any deadlines or any professors breathing down your neck about being late.
I’ve done many mini-trips of one week beach getaways with friends and even strangers.
Check what shows up when you Google yourself and ensure it shows you in a good light so that people will want to work with you or hire you.
However, I know several people who majored in random subjects who returned to school for a Master’s Degree in Accounting and moved right into accounting jobs after graduation. I have moved around my whole life and just can’t decide where to settle, or if I even have to settle. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for your insights and hope to figure it out for myself soon, even if it’s just a plan for the next couple of years!

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