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Tip 10: Exude confidence A website editor advises, "Appearing confident is important when you're interviewing.
Lastly, and most important, if you should make a huge mistake during your interview, acknowledge it, if necessary, apologize, and move on.
The purpose of a job interview is to help job seekers and employers learn about one another. PreparednessPractice answering sample interview questions with a professional friend or career coach even if the sample questions don't match the actual subjects the manager might ask during the interview.
Communication StyleJob seekers may have to adjust to the interviewer's communication style and speed.
Interviewers see a lot of potential candidates throughout the day, and we are more likely to forget your flub if YOU get over it quickly!
Hiring managers might review numerous job applications and resumes, picking out the candidates who have qualifications that closely match the job description. Deborah Walker is a nationally respected career coach, and she states that the hiring manager sets the tone for how the interview will go.

Talking negatively about a previous company, manager or coworker is off-putting to many interviewers.
While posture and eye contact may be subconscious, during your brief interview, check in with yourself to make sure you've made an effort to sit up straight and look directly at your interviewer. Run practice interview drills as long as it takes for you to hammer down some of the most common interview questions. If you are lucky enough to get called in for an interview, you have to make a good impression that backs up the skills and professional experience put forth in your resume and cover letter, and avoid the things that cause job interviews to fail. If you sit down for an interview without knowing anything about the company, the manager might assume that you lack initiative and aren't overly enthusiastic about the opportunity, making for a slightly awkward interviewing experience.
Many job seekers fail to pick up on the interviewer's natural communication style, such as being all about business or very personable. Even if you have legitimate reasons for harboring ill will towards a previous employer, such as not receiving pay for overtime or having been skipped over for promotions, you shouldn't bring this attitude to the interview.
The interviewer is probably glad to have narrowed down a large pool of candidates, and wants to get you hired, providing you pass the interview, so show your appreciation -- without gushing.

NEVER wear a skirt to an interview that is more than 3 inches above the knee, don't show cleavage, and make sure your outfit is not too tight. For example, it may be highly inappropriate to tell jokes during an interview in an effort to loosen up a tense and very formal hiring manager. Hiring managers want to see how you can overcome adversity, rising above and moving on past situations that maybe didn't work out to your liking. Hiring managers are also looking at how you treat them as well as existing staff on the day of the interview.

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