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When you lack confidence you may experience self-doubt, feeling of inferiority, shyness and prefer not to take chances for fear of embarrassment, and so miss many great opportunities that come your way - opportunities to connect with people or to achieve financial success, opportunities to get your needs met and to live life on your terms in a way that you'd feel truly happy and content with your life.Sometimes people develop lack of self-confidence due to some unpleasant past experience - perhaps they did something but someone laughed, criticized them, or made unrealistic expectations that were impossible to achieve given the particular circumstances. For best results you should work with Boost Self-Confidence hypnosis recording once a day, supraliminal plus recordings once a day, and you can also have subliminal or supraliminal recordings playing in the background throughout the day while you are doing other things.If you like working with mantras, you can benefit from working with Sanskrit Mantras for Confidence.

Even though you may experience instant results, I recommend that you work with recordings for at least 40 days, so that you can condition your subconscious mind with confidence.

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