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Decluttering your home is an important part of reducing the stress in your life and it can save you money, too!
Our emotions are so wrapped up in our stuff that decluttering your home can be a stressful task.
Knick knacks and odds and ends that don’t add to the beauty or use of the room but only clutter it. I hate to sound ruthless but you really need to start thinking about how to make your life easier.
For more helpful tips to make decluttering your home, organizing, cleaning and laundry easier, take a look at our Keeping It Clean e-books.

One of your comments about decluttering mentioned about medicines being stored in the bathroom.
I didn’t have room to go into detail about this in this article the way I have done in other organizing articles where I have explained many times to make your boxes or piles up for storage, give away or trash. I say this halfway joking but decluttering your home really can be serious for some people – no, for most people. The list is unending but let’s be brave, clear our heads, take the bull by the horns and start clearing and decluttering your home and life one room at a time.
I have good crystal I could use if I needed it and for the past 10 years we have either used Christmas paper cups or not had Christmas at my house.

We have covered it so much in other places that I assumed most of our readers already know about giving things away or how to reuse things. Make a small tool bag for the car, one for the junk drawer in the house and then carefully weed out things to keep on your work bench.
I have never heard one person who decluttered tell me they wish they hadn’t done it and their life is so much worse with the clutter gone.

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