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If you have internet connection, use a service such as What Is My IP to see your current IP address. Note that this change will affect the ability of other computers to find you on a network, and your ability to connect to them or the Internet. E3 2015 takes place in Los Angeles from June 16-18th, and the Technology Tell Apple Channel will be there to provide iOS and Mac gaming coverage from the show floor. Your Internet Protocol address, AKA your IP address, is not the most inviting series of numbers.
An IP address is a specific string of binary numbers often displayed in readable notations that identify your computer on the Internet. It’s certainly not always necessary to change your IP address, but it can come in handy in sticky situations.
Here’s our guide on how to change your private IP address or use a proxy server in Windows or Mac OS X. Click the gray OK button in the bottom-right corner to save the changes after entering all three addresses.

Depending upon the network, you may first want to obtain a proper IP address from your ISP or network administrator.
Join us each morning of the work week for a quick look at a new app found spreading through iTunes or the Mac App Store so you’re prepared for the next outbreak. The assigned address can be static (meaning your device always carries the same address when connected to the Internet) or dynamic (meaning the address is automatically assigned to a potentially different address every time your connect to a local area or broadband network). Keep in mind your Internet service provider dictates your public IP address used for Internet access, which makes it damn near impossible to change without the help of your ISP.
Click the General tab at the top, followed by the circle to the left of Use the following IP address, and manually enter your desired IP address as well as the subnet mask and default gateway.
Alternatively, you can choose Manually from the drop-down menu to the right of Configure IPv4 and manually enter your desired IP address as well as the subnet mask and your router’s IP address. Whatever your reason, changing your IP address may sound like a tricky process, especially if you’re not even sure where to look. However, being aware of what your IP address is, what it does, and how to change it is well worth knowing in a digital age heavily reliant on advanced protocols and general Internet security.

Dynamic IP addresses tend to be more popular because they allow multiple devices to share a limited address space and relieve the burden of having to manually assign an address every time you connect to the Internet.
However, you can always disconnect your modem for an extended duration in the hopes of an automatic reset. Whereas a subnet mask helps divvy your IP address into network and host addresses, your default gateway is the device used to direct traffic between networks. Regardless of the address type, your address won’t change for the duration of the internet session once connected. Also, check out our guide on how to find your IP address in a pinch on either of the aforementioned operating systems.

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