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From this definition, we can see that habits,…When we think of our habits, our habitual behaviors are what usually come to mind. To help you determine if a habit is good, bad or indifferent, you will be asked to list the advantages and disadvantages of the habit. Habits are formed when we engage in a specific behavior, or thought frequently, unconsciously or automatically, and through repetition.
Habits can interfere with every part of our lives.Let’s look at some of the reasons why people say they can’t change their habit.
In the 1970s, psychologists and researchers Nathan Azrin and Gregory Nunn developed the technique called habit reversal.In their studies, after the first day of treatment they reported an average 90 % reduction of the frequency of the targeted habit.
Once you’ve determined which of your behaviors are bad habits that you need to change, you will identify good habits you want to develop.
You Habit Record (#06) will tell you: (1) when you had the urge to engage in the habit, (2) whether you engaged in it or not, (3) how long the urge lasted, (4) the automatic thoughts and (5) the emotional reactions you had.
After one week, the habit was reduced by an average of 95% , after one month an average of 99%, and after six months 99.5%. You need to be aware of how much you are engaging in your habit so that you can track your progress.

We develop automatic thoughts – thinking habits – that help us handle most situations reasonably. Make a few copies of the Habit Record (#06) and the Triggers and Consequences Record form (#07). A few people, 10%, reported that the habit never returned after they learned habit reversal. Record keeping is important for your becoming aware of where you started and how much you have changed. Other researchers have repeatedly proven the effectiveness and long-lasting results of habit reversal in changing a variety of habits.More than 80% of the participants in their research did not experience relapse. Its important to understand these consequences since they are usually part of what keeps a habit going.
If the Habit Change Program is going to work for you, completing these records is essential.When you have completed the records for your habit(s) for 5 to 7 days, you will be ready to move forward. Those few who did have a relapse, dealt with it by reviewing and performing the habit-reversal procedures again.Habit reversal is made up of several steps. It has gotten to the point where I know others are annoyed with me (even strangers in public places) and I’m beginning to see how anxious it is making me.

Paying attention to your habitual, automatic behavior will help keep it from occurring without your being aware of it. List several possible competing responses (#14) you could engage in when you are in a habit-provoking situation. Imagine yourself in one of the habit- provoking situations, performing a few of the preliminary behaviors.
Psychologist Timothy Wilson says, Changing may be breaking a bad habit essay difficult, but that doesnt mean we cant do it. If you have a habit you wish to break, Current Health Weekly suggests four steps for doing so.

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